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This page contains trivia for "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • As a running gag throughout the episode, Paris Hilton coughs up globs of semen onto her hand, as well as throwing up feces at the beginning of the episode. This was confirmed by Trey Parker in the DVD commentary.
    • The commentary also states that this episode voiced the creators' contempt for Paris Hilton's whorish behavior, claiming that her promoters were "not only telling little girls to laugh at her, but to be her". Furthermore, they asserted Hilton was ugly by calling her "a total dog".
  • Paris Hilton reacted to the episode by saying, "I haven't seen it, but when people copy you, that's like the most flattering thing, so whatever people can say, I just laugh about it. It doesn't matter to me."[1] Matt later commented on this by saying, "That shows just how fucked up she is. That's terrible that she's flattered by it."
  • The gun that Paris Hilton's dog Tinkerbell used to kill himself is a Colt revolver.
  • On the commentary of "South Park's Greatest Hits", Matt Stone states that when making fun of the celebrities, it's "not personal, just ripping on the idea of celebrity itself", but that this whole episode was "pretty much fuck Paris Hilton". Trey Parker then says at the end of the commentary, "Paris Hilton, you are a dumb bitch".
  • Kyle and Kenny have no speaking roles in this episode.
  • Cartman doesn't know Red's name, as he insults her by saying "Fuck you, whatever your name is."
  • At the whore party, Stan seemed to be enjoying his encounter with Red until she pinned him against an armchair. Jason also seemed to be able to tolerate the party, although he did look rather uncomfortable. Boy with C Cap was in a similar situation to Jason, looking very uncomfortable in a swimming pool with Sally and Heidi. Kenny can be seen running away from Annie at the back of the room.
  • When Paris Hilton first finds Butters, she finds him cute because of his "little puff ball". Before Butters was officially named, he was referred to as "Puff Puff" in storyboards.
  • Annie's first name is revealed and finalized in this episode. Prior, she was called "Jordan" in "Conjoined Fetus Lady".
  • Timmy Burch, Jimmy Valmer, Pip Pirrip and Bradley Biggle were the only boys not seen at the Stupid Spoiled Whore party.
  • The scene of Mr. Slave swallowing Paris Hilton inside his butt during The Whore Off was also used in the video game South Park: The Stick of Truth as a summon move for Mr. Slave where The New Kid summons Mr. Slave using his Rawhide Whip, and then he proceeds to swallow the enemy (except boss characters) on his butt, similar to what he did to Paris Hilton in this episode and ends with his mutter, "Jesus Christ".
  • This episode marks the second time Butters' signature song I've Got Some Apples is heard.
  • This episode also marks the debut of Wendy's father, Mr. Testaburger and Bebe's father, Mr. Stevens.
  • This is the first episode where April Stewart voices Wendy Testaburger, replacing Eliza Schneider as Stewart becomes the permanent voice actress for Wendy.

References to Popular Culture

  • The Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset is made by Letcher-Price, a parody of Fisher-Price, a toy company that produces toys for toddlers.
  • On the upper-left hand corner of the Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset box are four girls who are dressed like the dolls from the Bratz toyline: "Twerpz". They would later appear on a poster in "Marjorine".
  • The "Whore-Off" that takes place near the end of the episode is reference to the "Walk-off" scene in the 2001 Ben Stiller movie Zoolander.
  • The logo for the Stupid Spoiled Whore store looks similar to Hello Kitty.
  • The play money from the Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset resembles Monopoly money.
  • While Butters digs the coal mine, he sings a song that resembles "Sixteen Tons", using a combination of the original lyrics and his own. ("You work eighteen hours; what do you get?/Your parents sell you to Paris Hilton.")
  • The scene where Kal is shown in night vision pretending to have sex and using her cellphone during the Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset commercial is a reference to the adult film 1 Night in Paris, which starred Paris Hilton.
  • The image of Mr. Slave removing his pants at The Whore Off while retaining the rest of his garments (leather vest, cap, gloves and boots) and covering his private parts with only one hand is reminiscent of a famous poster of Glenn Hughes, who the character is heavily inspired upon.
  • Inside Bebe's house the girls were all doing the Peanuts dance which is a reference to A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Kal s08e12

Kal, seen unclothed at Bebe's party.

  • This episode is one of the few occasions Cartman shows interest in the opposite sex, as shown by his eagerness to be invited to the party.
  • This episode marks the second time a 4th grade female, Kal, is shown unclothed, the first time being in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" where Wendy Testaburger got breast implant surgery.
  • This is the second time Mr. Slave stuck something up his butt, the first time being in "The Death Camp of Tolerance". He has, however, implied that he's done this sort of thing numerous times in his life as a whore.
  • Paris Hilton managed to survive Mr. Slave's ass, having later appeared in "Britney's New Look" where Paris Hilton can be seen in the background during the MTV Music Awards. She also has a slightly more noticeable role in "200" and "201", where she joins in on a revenge plot with other celebrities against South Park.
  • Paris is drinking S'more Schnapps, which was the drink Cartman used to motivate the Confederacy in "The Red Badge of Gayness".
  • Butters wonders about Paris' private parts, showing childlike ignorance by saying about the "squishy thing that lives in her pants". However, one would think he would understand as he has seen an adult movie in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers".
  • After failing to be invited to the party, Cartman flips all the girls off in the same way he did to Stan, Kyle, and Tweek in "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society".


  • When Mr. Slave makes his speech, it is seen a shot over the crowd. In one shot, Wendy had a Stupid Spoiled Whore make-over, when she, in fact, is not supposed to have one. This was fixed in the remastered HD version.
  • Wendy is in her normal clothes while at the Whore-Off, then after Mr. Slave says, "I'm a dirty whore", Wendy is dressed up like a whore, then in the next shot she is seen in she is back in her normal clothes.
  • In the first scene of Bebe's whore party, Kelly Pinkerton-Tinfurter is shown in two places: sitting at the spin the bottle table with her back turned and shown sitting next to Jason and Jessie on Bebe's blue couch in her living room.
  • Though the Frog King was stated to have been freed from Mr. Slave's tight ass after the adventures of Lemmiwinks from the "The Death Camp of Tolerance", he reappears to help Paris Hilton.
  • Millieerror

    The Millie Error

    When Red is about to answer the door, she has purple mittens, but when she opens the door, they aren't there.
  • In Paris' limo after Butters has been sold, a photo album labeled "My Pets" can be seen under the seat with the bottom facing the front of the car, but when Butters sees it, it is suddenly facing the other direction.
  • In the photo of Tinkerbell, after he is dead, the blood spatters are considerably lower than when he actually shot himself.
  • At the party, prior to Mr. Slave's arrival, Millie Larsen is seen chasing after a boy with dark hair. Then, in the next shot, it changes to Tweek. Millie then stops as Mr. Slave and Wendy arrive, but she suddenly appears sitting down in the kitchen far off in the distance as Mr. Slave addresses the girls.
  • When Bebe says "Wow, Paris Hilton is at my party! I rule!", three girls to the left and right of her mouth what she is saying.
  • At the Whore-Off, the four boys are seen in the crowd. But when the shot cuts to Bebe, they are gone. This is a goof, as due to the angle and the position of the shot, Stan and Cartman should be visible. Furthermore, in a shot of the crowd later, the boys, previously in the fourth row of the audience, move to the third row.
  • Screenshot00001

    A brown-haired Millie, seen layered incorrectly.

    The first time Bebe's party is seen, Millie is shown with misshapen and long legs.
  • In the first shot of the store, you can see the whore versions of Red, Bebe, Annie, Esther, and Sally Turner, despite the scene before and the scene after showing them in their regular clothes.
  • Cartman refers to Sally Turner as Annie.
  • The brown-haired Millie is layered incorrectly whilst walking past another girl.
  • When Paris Hilton confronts Mr. Slave at the Stevens Residence, her pupil is shown in front of her eyelid.
  • When Butters' parents confront him about being dressed as a bear, the top of Linda Stotch's right forearm gets superimposed over Stephen Stotch's left arm.
  • Butters' parents said that Paris had to pay them up front in cash, yet when Stephen Stotch confronts Butters after he failed to mine coal, he holds out a check. It is possible that they changed that part of the deal, but it is most likely a goof.
  • Despite increasing the offer to $250 million, Mr Stotch would later cite it back to the original amount of $200 million.
    • He asked Butters, “Did you dig up 200 million dollars worth of coal?”, when Butters is actually digging 250 million dollars worth of coal.
    • At the end of the Whore-Off, he laments "No 200 million dollars?".
  • Before the "commercial" for the Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset begins, the doorknob in the background is on the right side of the door. After it begins, the doorknob is on the left side.


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