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The Student with Blue Bandana is an unnamed character that appears in the Season Twelve episode, "Eek, A Penis!". He is one of several minority teenagers who attend Jim Davis High School, and is one of the students in the classroom where Cartman, as Mr. Cartmanez, teaches classes on how to cheat.


During Cartman's first class, he denies his cheating teachings and quits his class. Later, he is called to a basketball game by Cartman, who cheats by using a collapsible pointer to hit him, and trying to convince him, but the boy still does not agree.

Afterwards, he appears again in the classroom, having changed his mind, saying he might give cheating a try. In it, he and the other students thank Cartman for his teachings by giving him a plaque, after all the students have passed the last tests.


He wears a light blue tank top, a white collar, a black belt, gray shorts, white socks and white sneakers with black details, he seems to have white earrings on both ears. He has black hair and wears a bandana, which has a dark blue color and white details.