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Stuart McCormick, voiced by Matt Stone, is a character on South Park. He is Kenny McCormick's father. His first name was revealed in "Chickenpox". A character named Mr. McCormick was slingshot on the cartoon central building in the epsoide "Death".



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Stuart wears a greasy, faded jean jacket overtop of a white shirt, and mucky blue jeans. He also wears a red cap, with a yellow sign featuring the word "Scotch" embroidered on the front. His hair, mustache and beard are all a mousy-brown color.


Being a heavy alcoholic, Stuart is drunk most of the time. Stuart is shown to often argue and abuse his wife, but it appears to go both ways, as in some episodes Carol berates him without direct provocation. Although he and Carol have been shown physically abusing each other, it has never been shown or strongly implied that Stuart abuses his children. When he is sober he is very loving and caring to his wife. In "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", the two of them decided to have another child. When Kenny, trying to kill the unborn baby, offered Carol a drink (which he had blended a whole bottle of abortion pills into) and she explained that she couldn't take alcohol while pregnant, Stuart offered to drink it for her. He also tried to stop Kenny when he tried to plunge the baby out of Carol and at the end is the one to suggest they name the baby Kenny.

In the episode "Mysterion Rises" it is revealed Stuart and his wife had been part of a cult centered around Chthulu ten years before the series' events and that he had been with Carol at the time. He and Carol claim to have been extremely drunk while there - something their son does not question. It is also revealed Kenny under the guise of Mysterion - they are unaware of his identity - has been manipulating them to make them act better, promising him not to get high at night, fight as much and to pay their children an allowance.


Stuart's name suggests Irish and/or Scottish ancestry.

Carol McCormick

Main Article: Mrs. McCormick.

She is Stuart's young wife. Her first name actually isn't quite clear yet, but it was possibly mentioned as "Carol" in "Cripple Fight".

Kevin McCormick


He is Stuart's eldest son. He appears to be as old as Shelley Marsh, therefore being around thirteen years old.

Kenny McCormick

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He is Stuart's second son. He is also the fourth of the main characters (though his role in the series has diminished greatly since season seven and has reprised to an even bigger role than originally since season twelve.)


File:Karen McCormic.png

In "Best Friends Forever", when the McCormicks visited Kenny in the hospital, a small girl was seen with them. She had no speaking lines, and no official information on her has ever been given, but fans speculate that she is Mr. and Mrs. McCormick's daughter, and Kenny and Kevin's sister. If so, she seems to have inherited her father's hair color. She is known to be called Karen by Matt Stone.


In "Fat Camp", while performing on the "Krazy Kenny Show", Kenny gave his grandfather a Swedish massage. The old man's name was not given, so it is unclear whether he is Stuart's father or not.


In "Death", a man named Mr. McCormick (who was dressed very similarly to Stuart) was catapulted against the production building in protest of the TV show "Terrance and Phillip". Judged by his relatively young appearance, he may have been one of Stuart's brothers. In any case, Stuart has at least one surviving brother, as there was another one in Stuart's house (along with his girlfriend, her mother, and some other guests) in the episode "Chickenlover" (though they are never seen).


Stuart frequently hangs out with the other local men at the bar. Being the father of one of the main characters, he is closest to Randy Marsh, Gerald Broflovski, and Stephen Stotch.

Gerald Broflovski

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Stuart and Gerald used to be best friends in high school, until Gerald started to get better grades, while Stuart's grades declined.

In "Chickenpox", Sheila and Carol arranged a fishing date for their husbands, in hopes that the old friendship could be restored. The outing went awry when the two of them argued over their views on each other which eventually turned into a fist fight. They made up for it at the end of the episode.


In "Chickenpox", it is also mentioned that Stuart used to work in a pizza factory when he was a teenager. He is currently jobless, due in major part to his alcoholism, and he and his family are on welfare, and live mainly off of plain frozen waffles, pop tarts and bread sandwiches because of this. However, it is suggested in "Lil' Crime Stoppers" that the McCormick family runs a meth lab.


Stuart and his family live in a run down old bungalow. In "Chickenpox", it is revealed the house was made by Stuart and Gerald Broflovski when they were young. Their car is dismantled in front the home and is home to stray cats and dogs. Inside it is dirty and stained. The McCormicks do not own much modern technology, as the family video game system is a ColecoVision, plugged into the black-and-white-TV (though in "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", the North Park Funland commercial is shown in color, implying that somewhere between the episodes "Chickenpox" and "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", the McCormicks procured a color television).


Mr. McCormick: (talking to Cartman dressed as a cop) It's just me and my wife and my brother. And my wife's cousin and his son and my brother's girlfriend, and our two kids. And my brother's girlfriend's mother, and this guy Bob who I met last year.
Cartman: (to the camera) Poor people tend to live in clusters.
Mr. McCormick: What? What did you say?

Episodes in which Stuart is Prominent

  • Starvin' Marvin - He and Carol cheer Kenny on while he's fishing for a can of preserved food.
  • Chickenlover - Stuart and Carol are shown fighting when Cartman, as a police officer, investigates on them.
  • Chickenpox - Stuart and Gerald go on a fishing date in an effort to restore their old friendship.
  • Fat Camp - Stuart and Carol are proud that Kenny has his own live TV show.
  • Cripple Fight - Stuart doesn't want Big Gay Al leading the boy scouts. Carol's name is revealed.
  • Cartmanland - Stuart and Carol sue Cartman because Kenny died on one of the rides in his amusement park.
  • How to Eat with Your Butt - Stuart and Carol get Kenny to apologize to the Thompsons, when he unintentionally tricked them into thinking that their lost son had been discovered.
  • Kenny Dies - Stuart, Carol, and family mourn Kenny's semi-permanent death.
  • More Crap - Stuart is one of the men marveling at the size of Randy's latest crap.


  • Stuart's favorite liquor seems to be scotch, as it is written on the front of his trademark cap. Cartman also said in "Pinkeye", "Too bad drinking scotch isn't a paying job or else Kenny's dad would be a millionaire!".
  • Gerald and Stuart built a hideaway when they were teenagers, which happens to currently be the McCormick residence.
  • Ironically, the McCormicks are among the much better parents in South Park, apparently because they don't have jobs and thus can spend more time with their children. Despite Carol and Stuart consistently beating each other, they are never seen harming their sons or their possible daughter.
  • In the movie in his soldier costume on the hat is a photo with Kenny.
  • He seems to have a job in The Red Badge of Gayness.
  • A character refered to as 'Mr McCormick' kills himself in the episode death. The character is almost identical to Stuart and this may mean that, like Kenny, he is practicaly importal and can return from the dead.
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