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Strong Woman is the current vice-principal of South Park Elementary, and the mother of the PC Babies. As her name suggests, she is a strong and independent woman who tries to be a role model for little girls. She made her debut appearance in the Season Twenty-One episode, "SUPER HARD PCness", where PC Principal develops conflicting, romantic feelings for her which are later revealed to be reciprocated by her.


Strong Woman, like her co-worker PC Principal, is deeply concerned with social justice. She tries to not follow gender stereotypes, discourages people from believing in them or using them and appears embarrassed when she does conform to them. She seems deeply concerned about children, not only expressing worry about her own as well as the safety of her students, but expresses fear that her mistakes will undermine her ability to set a positive example. She is also somewhat blunt, aggressively telling Kyle his anger towards Canada was ridiculous, despite liking him as a student. She is notably less aggressive, however, than PC Principal - despite her strength, she is not seen threatening violence towards those who disagree with her. She also is less ideologically rigid than some others, encouraging the male students to reach out to her as well as female students and not caring for Kyle's desire to blame Canada.


Strong Woman wears a long, dark purple skirt, and a loose, cotton, light purple jacket, with a dark pink shirt underneath it. She has blonde hair, styled into a messy bun. She also wears black, heeled shoes, light pink lipstick, and golden earrings. She also has blush heavily applied onto her cheeks. When wearing athletic gear, she appears to have a toned, muscular body with visible abs.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, she is not visilbly aged like many other characters, though her hair is slightly unkempt.


  • Strong Woman can overhead press 550 pounds/250 kilograms (excluding the bar), as seen in "Board Girls." This is even higher than the real life world record, 476 pounds/216 kilograms set by Eddie Hall.
  • She bares some resemblance to former kindergarten teacher Ms. Stevenson.


  • "SUPER HARD PCness" - Introduced by PC Principal to the school during an assembly. Kyle comes to see her. PC Principal struggles with his feelings for her.
  • "Splatty Tomato" - She goes to a restaurant to celebrate Butters being the "Student of the day" as an excuse to go on a date with PC Principal. PC Principal and her are found by the adults in a tent, having sex.
  • "The Problem with a Poo" - She is revealed to be pregnant as a result of her and PC Principal's affair, but refuses to continue her relationship with him lest people see her as weak for getting pregnant by her boss. She gives birth to quintuplets who are PC at birth, who she hides in her office. She does not admit who their father is and insists she was impregnated via in vitro fertilization.
  • "Time To Get Cereal" - Evacuates the South Park Elementary students after ManBearPig attacks a student in the school's playground.
  • "Buddha Box" - She, along with PC Principal, gets a Buddha Box to deal with the PC Babies and leaves them unsupervised.
  • "Bike Parade" - Seen at the bike parade with her kids.
  • "Board Girls" - Participates in the Strong Woman Competition, lands in second place after her ex-boyfriend now known to be Heather Swanson, who continues to harass her.
  • "Turd Burglars" - Seen at the women's meeting at Park County Community Center (cameo).
  • "South ParQ Vaccination Special" - Seen waiting with the school faculty for vaccines from the boys. Later appeared at the end celebrating the end of the pandemic.




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