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Stripe is Craig Tucker's pet guinea pig. His first on-screen appearance was in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.


It is revealed in South Park: The Fractured But Whole that Craig has had 4 guinea pigs named Stripe; the Stripe he has now (Stripe #4) was given to him by his boyfriend, Tweek, presumably because the other ones either died or ran away.

Stripe #1 died when Craig's mom accidentally stepped on him, and broke his back.

Craig suspects his dad of poisoning Stripe #3 after he pooped in the dining room. It is also revealed that Stripe #3 died very recently, due to the fact that Craig still has (#3)'s toys and food dish tucked away in his closet.

Stripe also plays a larger role in South Park: The Fractured But Whole as a part of one of Super Craig's Ultimate attacks. He also exists as one of the items that needed to be retrieved before you can get Craig's laptop.


Screenshot (647) - Copy

Stripe (#4) with his owner, Craig.

Stripe's appearance frequently changes from the traditional construction paper art style to live-action. In the traditional style his torso and limbs are covered in dark brown fur, and the fur on his head is white with light brown splodges. He also has a little pink nose.


Stripe (#4) with his owner, Tweek.

In his live-action appearance his fur is primarily colored light brown, with a few white and ginger splodges here and there.

Craig sometimes dresses him up in a pirate costume.



International Names[]

Language Name Remarks
Italian Striscia Strip

ua:Tweek Tweak