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"Stressed" is a song performed by Continental Five. It was featured in the Season Twenty-One episode "Hummels & Heroin", played during a montage scene in Shady Acres.


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All day I sat in my cell
Just stressin', sittin' back, readin' my mail
Reminiscin' about the good times I had
Tryin' to relive all the good memories I have

Hate the sound it makes when they close the gates
Wake up at six to eat nasty cornflakes
You ain't have a routine and your time is long
Workout, eat and sleep, now your time is gone

It's all messed up, I'll fuck the Xbox
It's a telephone, n****s call that a stress box
Lunch ain't no better, they get you thick pieces of bread, mustard, nasty meat, big cheddar

Dinner all mushed up, extra <>
Fuck that, me and my n****s about to cook up
He got the sausage, he got the <>
I got the cheese, he got the noodles, we did that right

By the time I close my eyes to sleep at night
I thank the Lord that I could even sleep at night
'Cos I'm stressed

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