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The Streibel Daughters are the twin daughters of Mrs. Streibel and Mr. Streibel. They played a minor role in the Season Seven episode "Toilet Paper".


When The Boys decide to get revenge on their art teacher Mrs. Streibel for giving them after school detention by TP'ing her house, Kyle is reluctant at first to doing it because there are kids inside. Later on, when Kyle has a nightmare about what they had done, the daughters are shown crying for their mother as their parents scream in horror.


Both daughters have blonde hair. The first daughter has her hair in pigtails with purple hairbands. She wears a pink shirt, bright pink pants, and white shoes. The second daughter has green bows in her hair, which itself is cut short. She wears a purple shirt, a blue dress, and black shoes.



  • Due to the slight difference in hair color, it's possible that they are fraternal twins.


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