Stormtroopers[1] are characters in the Star Wars[2] universe. They are typically portrayed as soldiers or guards, and are often highly revered in the Galactic Empire.[3]


Stormtroopers first appeared in the Season Eleven episode, "Imaginationland, Episode II", where they were seen in the background chasing Butters Stotch. They next appeared, briefly, in the Season Twelve episode, "The China Probrem", where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were seen raping one. In the Season Sixteen episode, "Obama Wins!", two Stormtroopers can be seen escorting a captured Eric Cartman to be interrogated by Mickey Mouse.


Stormtroopers have white armor[4] with utility belt and a grappling hook attached to it. Their armor protects their entire bodies, including their head and provides functions such as cranial protection, filtered air, blaster protection, temperature controls and much more. They can be typically seen wielding "E-11 blaster rifle"[5], an energy weapon serving as the standard issue weapon of Imperial stormtroopers in Star Wars universe.




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