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Stop Touching Me Elmo is a parody of the popular Sesame Street toy, Tickle Me Elmo. It appeared in the Season Seventeen episodes, "Black Friday" and "Titties and Dragons".


The commercial features young children playing with the doll. Elmo says inappropriate catchphrases in a cute voice after which the children react with disgust. The doll also has a toothpaste dispenser that gives Elmo pleasure when it is pushed, which is styled like giving him a handjob.

Officer Krum, Randy Marsh's boss at the South Park Mall, warns the staff of the coming of the new Elmo doll. Knowing how popular it will be with parents, he cries out to the store owners, "You've murdered us!". When the Black Friday shoppers begin appearing at the door they all moan out Elmo's name as if they are zombies.

It is last seen among the blood-soaked carnage of the Black Friday sale as the boys go to the store to get an Xbox One.


  • "Have you ever been tickled on the inside?"
  • "I'm lonely. Are you lonely?"
  • "Can I watch you go potty?"
  • "You wanna kiss the guy who does Elmo's voice?"
  • "More, more, MORE, HA HAA."
  • "Can Elmo smell your genitals?"


  • The commercial likely plays on the real-life scandal around Elmo's actor-puppeteer Kevin Clash involving multiple allegations of illegal same-sex relationships with underage teenagers (also hence the line "You wanna kiss the guy who does Elmo's voice?"), which led to his resignation from Sesame Street's production company, Sesame Workshop, a year before the sketch was produced.[1]
  • Aside from the Kevin Clash case, Stop Touching Me Elmo is also a clear reference to the craze over the original Tickle Me Elmo doll, released in 1996. There had been reports of violent incidents amongst Black Friday shoppers in relation to the toy's limited supply and high demand that year.
    • The doll's tendency to touch children may be a reference to a specific Tickle Me Elmo doll, "Big Hugs Elmo", which hugs children back when it is hugged. The doll was released during Holiday 2013, around the same time when the Black Friday trilogy aired.
  • Some of Elmo's quotes can be heard whenever the new kid turns on a television set in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.
  • Elmo's nose is shown to be green, in contrast to its real-life counterpart where he has an orange nose, as well as smaller pupils. He refers himself in first person instead of third person, except in "Can Elmo smell your genitals?".