Stevenson's Hummer is a car dealership dedicated solely to selling Hummer vehicles. It was first seen in the Season Sixteen episode, "Obama Wins!". Due to the rising cost of gasoline, people are less inclined to purchase Hummers, and as a result, Stevenson's Hummer is not shown to be popular among South Park's populace.


After learning that Butters Stotch released information about his plan to hide the election ballots, Eric Cartman confronts him in the hospital. Butters, already in critical condition, attempts to reason with Cartman, as he opens a bag of almond M&Ms. Cartman explains to Butters that, even though he may have attempted to thwart his plan, the ballots were hidden "a place in town people barely even know exists". This place was later revealed to be Stevenson's Hummer.

At Stevenson's Hummer, the Hummer Salesman, who is likely to be Stevenson, is seen unsuccessfully attempting to advertise his 'Rocktober Sales Event'. He mentions that the event would continue into November, and would be called the 'Rockvember Sales Event'. Unbeknownst to him, the collection of missing election ballots lies behind him.


Stevenson's Hummer advertisement on a television.

Disappointed at their lack of leads, as to where the missing election ballots were, Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski notice a commercial for Stevenson's Hummer on a television for sale. Realizing that Hummer drivers are few, and far between, they rush to the dealership and locate the missing ballots. Much to the salesman's excitement, General Tso, and his cohorts, soon arrive to also confront the missing ballots. Eric Cartman, and the Park County Police Force, also join the confrontation, again adding to the salesman's naive excitement.

Pressed with a hard decision, after Morgan Freeman explain's General Tso's position, Kyle pauses as a police officer demands an answer to give the police department. Kyle realizing the correct decision, decided to allow Tso to keep Star Wars, and thusly Stan proceeds to burn the ballots.


Stevenson’s Hummer May be a reference to the real life Stevinson Auto Dealer in Colorado.


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