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Not to be confused with Bebe's family.

The Stevens family is a family of four who first appear in the Lava and You segment from the Season One episode, "Volcano" and have made other minor appearances sometimes as individuals since.


In "Volcano" they appear in Lava and You's example of what to do when a volcano erupts near someone or a group of people, the family appears having a picnic. The daughter, Jane Stevens, notices a noise which is a nearby volcano erupting which worries Junior Stevens (Now named Billy as of "Gnomes"). The narrator says that Jane learned in school what to do when she hears a volcano erupt. Jane backs up, pulls out the blanket from under the food, and throws it over her family. They "duck and cover" while lava flows over the blanket causing no damage, thus starting the 2nd part of the video.


The father has flat blue hair and wears a brown coat and blue jeans, In "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" the father of the family was instead a recurring background character in the early seasons who wears a gray coat with a light blue neckline, as well as messy short brown hair and brown jeans.

The mother has short brown hair and wears a orange dress, which is red in "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo".

The son, Billy, has red short hair very reminiscent to his father and a red coat with a blue collar similar to Clyde Donovan. He also has blue jeans.

The daughter, Jane, has a short red ponytail as well as an orange coat, a brown skirt, and long socks.


  • "Volcano" - They appear in "Lava and You".
  • "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" - They are seen decorating a Christmas tree during "The Lonely Jew on Christmas". However, the father is instead an already existing recurring background character from early seasons.
  • "Summer Sucks" - Junior and the mother are seen sitting on a blanket next to another mother with their child where the biggest snake was about to be lit.
  • "Gnomes" - Junior is seen on the street being offered Coffee by Harbucks Camel Joe. A woman (presumably his mother but changed) tells him to leave Junior alone, Junior is named "Billy" in this episode

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