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Steven Spielberg is the director of the Indiana Jones series, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and many other films. He first appears in the Season Five episode, "Cripple Fight".


In "Cripple Fight", Spielberg is seen withdrawing his support for the Boy Scouts in support of gay rights.

Spielberg is featured prominently in the episode "Free Hat", in which he and George Lucas release updated versions of Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Spielberg seems to be the more dominant of the pair, with Lucas behaving more in the role of a lackey and servant who "belongs to him".

When the boys attempt to convince Lucas to give them up the original film version of Raiders, Spielberg arrived, causing Lucas to again become submissive. Spielberg later convinces Tweek to surrender so that the new movie can be seen. However, during the preview of the remastered version of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spielberg's head explodes because the film is really, really terrible.

In the episode "The China Probrem", Lucas and Spielberg apparently survived their initial encounter with the boys (or at least pulled a Kenny and were resurrected through unknown means). Upon making Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the general public (with the exception of Butters) is horrified by the film, feeling that Lucas and Spielberg raped their beloved character, Indiana Jones.

As a result, the boys file a lawsuit against Lucas and Spielberg for class-1 rape. When the police arrive to arrest them, they find that Lucas and Spielberg are gang-raping a Star Wars Stormtrooper, and later inform the boys that they found the dead raped bodies of Short Round and Yoda in the basement at Skywalker Ranch.

Throughout the episode, various versions of Spielberg is seen during the rape-vision had by people who saw the films. Each version is a parody of the films Boys Don't Cry (lines only), The Accused, and Deliverance.

In "200", Indiana Jones is now serving as Steven and George Lucas's sex slave.


Steven Spielberg has been redesigned several times in his numerous appearances throughout the series. In "Cripple Fight", he appeared briefly behind his desk dressed in a turquoise suit, pink shirt, and blue hat. He was seen wearing glasses and had grey hair and beard, similar to his real-life appearance. In "Free Hat", he appeared dressed almost identically to the Indiana Jones character Belloq, in a white suit and fedora, with a blue shirt and dark blue tie. He was heavily redesigned for his appearance in "The China Probrem", in which he appeared dressed in a black coat, grey shirt, and brown trousers. He was also occasionally wearing a hat with "Director" emblazoned on it.


  • While "Free Hat" portrays Steven Spielberg as the mastermind behind the edits, with George Lucas reluctantly going along, in real life the two directors' attitudes ended up being the other way around. Spielberg later stated that editing E.T. was a huge mistake and vowed never to do such a thing again, while Lucas has seen numerous edits made to the original trilogy since this episode and has stated more may well occur.
  • In the episode "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka", Eric Cartman refers to Stan as "Steven Spielberg" while they are filming their second video.
  • During the film festival in the episode "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls", a man on a cell phone says, "Well you tell Spielberg he can kiss my ass."


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