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Steven was a Blaintologist and a henchman and spokesman for the cult leader David Blaine. He appeared in Season Five episode "Super Best Friends".


Steven has been a Blaintologist for three years. He is the person in charge of the David Blaine Workshop. He welcomes new arrivals and asks them deceptive, meditative questions which have no definite answers. When new arrivals get puzzled and confused, he introduces the "miraculous" book "David Blaine: Teachings" to them, claiming that answers to these difficult questions can be found inside. As they are influenced to believe in Blaintology, Steven asks new Blaintologists to recruit more potential members for David Blaine's big magic show in Denver.

David Blaine's demand for tax-exempt status gets turned down by the government, so he arranges a mass suicide at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.. Steven once again informs all Blaintologists at the workshop about this event, and guarantees them happiness in afterlife. After arriving at the Lincoln Memorial, Steven becomes the first person to die for the cult as he demonstrates to others how to drown themselves in the Reflecting Pool.


Steven has a typical Blaintologist's look; he has a shaved head and wears a white shirt and blue pants. He is more recognizable than other Blaintologists because of his thick brown eyebrows, wrinkles and shaped ears.

  • Steven is not to be confused with other adult Blaintologists as they mostly look similar.


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