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Steven "Steve" Black, (Formely Bob Williams), is the father of Tolkien and husband of Linda Black. He is very wealthy, owning a large house and an expensive SUV, and a diehard fan of author J.R.R. Tolkien. He previously worked as a lawyer and as co-executive of a financial consulting firm until he entered the marijuana farming business.

He makes his first appearance in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000". His name is given as Steve in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers".


Steve's first speaking role was in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", in which after Cartman is arrested for throwing a rock at his son Tolkien, and arrested for committing a Hate Crime. Mr. Black, however, disagrees with hate crime legislation and educates the boys on why it's a hypocritical concept. He then sends the boys to the governor to change the laws. He would have done it himself but mentions that he was black. He later appears in the background of Chef's protest of the South Park Flag, with Tolkien and Mrs. Black in "Chef Goes Nanners".

He and his wife were part of the Marsh Family's book club, as seen in "Proper Condom Use", and seem to be referred to as 'Bob and Linda' since the other fathers present all had been previously named, but they did not speak here.

His second speaking role was in the episode "Here Comes the Neighborhood", in which Tolkien begins to question why they are so rich while everyone else is poor. Mr. Black reveals that Mrs. Black is a chemist for a pharmaceutical company, while he is revealed to be a lawyer. Both of Tolkien's parents are horrified when Tolkien wants to shop at J-Mart and he seems to not understand how to shop like middle-class people. He is so out of touch with middle-class society, that he mistakes the fluorescent lights for an alien weapon and he even handed his car keys to a J-Mart employee, thinking he was the valet.

His next appearance was in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", in which he and his wife are horrified to discover that Tolkien was seen the pornographic film called, Back Door Sluts 9. When Mr. Black demonstrates horror at discovering Tolkien has seen the porno, he exclaims "Oh god, not that one!", causing Mrs. Black to give him a furious look. His name was revealed to be Steve in this episode.

He is one of Randy Marsh's drinking buddies in "Broadway Bro Down" and later in "Insecurity" when he and the dads become insecure that the UPS man is having sex with their wives.

He and Linda allow Liane Cartman and Eric Cartman to stay at their home after a fire damaged their home in "1%". Even though Steve was generous, his wife Linda was surprised that Cartman and Tolkien were friends.

In "Sons A Witches", he is one of the dads who attends "Crack and Jack Witch Week" at Halloween every year, a tradition going back a few decades, and is part of the campaign to clarify not all witches are bad.

Cartman had dinner with the family in "Doubling Down", questioning when they could disrespect the American flag until Steve happened to mention seeing Heidi Turner with Kyle Broflovski, unaware of their relationships with Cartman.

He and his wife again sat with Cartman for dinner in "Dead Kids", where it is revealed that he and his wife have a regular date night and do not allow their son to watch PG-13 films unsupervised.

It is revealed in "The Big Fix" that Steve named his son after his favorite author, J.R.R. Tolkien, of whom he has been a fan for much of his life, does not believe in drinking or smoking, and has become co-executive of a financial consulting firm.

Marijuana Farmer[]

Initially hired by Randy as a financial consultant for Tegridy Farms, Steve leaves the company and moves his family to a marijuana farm across the street named Credigree Weed since "The Big Fix". His first competition against Tegridy Farms involves the sales of "St. Patrick's Day" specials. After receiving a large order of 2.5 tons from Farty O'Cool, Steve buys all of Randy's stocks while the latter is in jail and labels them as his own, in order to keep up with the demand. This plot is later exposed by Randy himself.

Steve establishes a streaming service in South Park: The Streaming Wars, where the water rights of his farm are being sold to the citizens of Denver who are experiencing a drought. When Steve informs Pi-Pi that he would be closing the service owing to water shortage for the crops, he realizes that the latter had been the mastermind behind the drought, and gets assaulted by Pi-Pi's newly recruited henchman, ManBearPig. Steve is subsequently saved by Chuck Chuck, and he returns to Randy, convincing him to work together to expose Pi-Pi's scheme.


Steve is a middle-aged man and he wears a blue jacket, white shirt, and black tie. He also wears brown/red pants and black shoes. He has black curly hair.

Video Games[]

South Park: The Fractured But Whole[]

In "Operation: Blind Justice", the New Kid is tasked to intrude the Black Residence and apprehend Steve, whom Harrison Yates claimed that he is a "mastermind drug dealer". This, however, is proven to be false, as he was tasked to be arrested to be sacrificed to Shub-Niggurath. After the Coon and Friends and the Freedom Pals rescue the black people unjustly imprisoned, both him and Mrs. Black call out Tolkien for playing too rough, though they continue to let him play with the other kids.


  • The character was performed by Adrien Beard in the first couple of appearances and Trey Parker in most other episodes.




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