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Steven "Steve" Black is the father of Token and husband of Mrs. Black. He makes his first appearance in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000". His name is given as Steve in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers". He is very wealthy, having a big house and an expensive SUV.


Steve has only appeared in a few episodes. His first speaking role was in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", in which after Cartman is arrested for throwing a rock at his son Token, and arrested for committing a Hate Crime. Mr. Black however, disagrees with hate crime legislation, and educates the boys on why it's a hypocritical concept. He then sends the boys to the governor to change the laws. He would have done it himself, but mentions that he was black. He later appears in the background of Chef's protest of the South Park Flag, with Token and Mrs. Black, in "Chef Goes Nanners".

His second speaking role, was in the episode "Here Comes the Neighborhood", in which Token begins to question why they are so rich and while everyone else is poor. Mr. Black reveals that Mrs. Black is a chemist for a pharmaceutical company, while he is revealed to be a lawyer. Both of Token's parents are horrified when Token wants to shop at J-Mart and he seems to not understand how to shop like middle-class people. He is so out of touch with middle-class society, that he mistakes the florescent lights for an alien weapon and he even handed his car keys to a J-Mart employee, thinking he was the valet.

His next appearance was in "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers", in which he and his wife are horrified to discover that Token was seen the pornographic film called, Back Door Sluts 9. When Mr. Black demonstrates horror at discovering Token has seen the porno, he exclaims "Oh god, not that one!", causing Mrs. Black to give him a furious look.

Steve and Linda allow Liane Cartman and Eric Cartman to stay at their home after a fire damaged their home in "1%". Even though Steve was generous, his wife Linda was surprised that Cartman and Token were friends.


Steve is a middle aged man and he wears a blue jacket, white shirt, and black tie. He also wears brown/red pants and black shoes. He has black curly hair.




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