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Steve is a Canadian fisherman from Newfoundland who appears in Season Seven episode "It's Christmas in Canada".


As the boys, the French Canadian Mime and Rick the Mountie were on their way to Ottawa, they encountered Scott the Dick who accused Rick and the mime for helping the Americans. Nearby, Steve comes out of the fisherman's shack and orders Scott to leave.

Steve was invited by the group to join them in looking for the Prime Minister, as recently passed laws made sodomy illegal, affecting the livelihood of Newfoundlanders. Steve, however, pointed out that the group had been going the wrong way. He offered to take the group on board his boat to reach Ottawa on time.

The group managed to overturn the laws when it was discovered that Saddam Hussein was in control all along.


Unlike most Canadians, Steve has a pentagon-shaped head instead of a round one. He wears an orange fisherman's overall over a yellow shirt with black boots, and a green cap bearing a letter 'B' at the front. He sports a short brown hair and a brown mustache.

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