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Steve is a customer service advisor in the Season Eighteen episode, "Grounded Vindaloop", where he provides customer service for a variety of products and services, including Korean Airlines, Best Buy, El Pollo Loco, and Oculus Rift.


In "Grounded Vindaloop", Steve is a computer program that provides nearly all customer services, and most importantly, functions as an interface between users and the virtual reality system. His process terminates whenever he receives positive feedback, then he can send requests to the system. However, his inability to explain things prevents this from happening, causing more calls to customer service, which cause Stan to fall deeper and deeper into nested virtual realities.

Steve calls himself after assuming that Stan has dropped a call because of a connection problem, but finds that even Steve himself isn't content with his service, which throws the system into a "customer feedback vindaloop". To fix this problem, he has to recontact Stan, the only real client in virtual reality, and demand positive feedback, which Stan eventually gives. The system is then reset and Stan is able to return to reality.


Steve wears a blue shirt with an ID badge. He has black hair, a black mustache, and wears a headset.



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