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Steve is the lead Tardicaca Camp counselor and a teacher at South Park Elementary who works with the special education students. He first appears in Season Fourteen episode, "Crippled Summer".


Counselor Steve made his first appearance in "Crippled Summer", where he was first seen helping Lenora dry herself with Towelie and generally supervising the children. Throughout the episode as Nathan and Mimsy are discussing methods to sabotage or kill Jimmy and his team, Steve appears to ask the two boys if they are enjoying the camp and Nathan resorts to a simple, childish voice to declare an obvious fact, such as how warm it is, to prevent Steve from figuring out what they are up to.

He reappears in "Handicar" as a school special education teacher, helping the kids raise money for summer camp, with Timmy Burch raising much of the money through his ride-share service.

He can be seen in the background of "You're Not Yelping" as a Yelper.

He was also seen supervising the Special Ed students for their science fair in "Moss Piglets", which confirmed he was working at South Park Elementary, and encouraging all of his students to do their best, being particularly impressed with Timmy and Jimmy's project. He has since been seen at the school in the background alongside other teachers.


Steve has long light curly brown hair and brown eyebrows. As a comp counselor, he wears a white shirt with the Tardicaca Camp logo in green in the middle, black shorts with red details and a black flip flop. As a teacher from "Moss Piglets" on, he wears a dark green shirt under a white coat with a pen in his right pocket.

In "You're Not Yelping" Steve wears a t-shirt with the word "You need my YELP" written in white.


Steve tries to be encouraging to the campers and make sure everyone is included, striving for a positive environment.


  • "Crippled Summer" - First appearance, he is shown as the leader of the counselors.
  • "Handicar" - Discussing with Tardicaca Campers how to raise money for Summer Camp.
  • "You're Not Yelping" - Seen in the crowd as a Yelper.
  • "Moss Piglets" - He appears as the teacher of the science fair.
  • "SUPER HARD PCness" - Seen later in the gymnasium helping direct students to safety.
  • "Dead Kids" - Seen helping scan children at the entrance.


South Park: The Fractured But Whole

During the Bring the Crunch storyline, Jimmy summons The New Kid for help, explaining that the Lake Tardicaca camp counselors are missing and that if they are not located, the camp will be shut down. Drug-addicted criminals dress up as monsters in costumes to scare the kids and the bodies of many counselors are found, while another commits suicide. When it is revealed Nathan has been orchestrating these events, and that Mimsy has been murdering the counselors for him because of another typical misunderstanding between them, multiple characters suggest only a single female counselor remains, and a Coonstagram photograph shows Counselor Steve's corpse, seeming to confirm as a victim of Mimsy's actions.

An unused cutscene/prop suggested he was originally going to appear directly.

In the episode "Moss Piglets" after the main game's release, Counselor Steve appears alive and well at school, and he later appears in "Dead Kids" after the downloadable content's release.


  • Canoes are fun, aren't they?
  • Boys, this might be the single greatest Special Ed Science Fair project I've ever seen!


  1. Credited as "Camp Leader #1" in ""South Park" Crippled Summer (TV episode 2010)".