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Stephen Tamill's Friends are two 5th grade boys who are seen protesting the 99% with Stephen Tamill in "1%".


The two boys, along with Stephen Tamill himself, decided to protest the 99% group (essentially Jimmy Valmer and Butters Stotch) under an "83%" group, blaming the fourth graders for the punishments as a result of the school's fitness test. Both groups got into an argument which later escalated to a physical altercation that media characterize as "class warfare".


They are taller than 4th graders, but slightly lower than 6th graders. The first has combed light brown hair and wears a purple shirt with two orange stripes, blue jeans and black shoes. The other has orange hair combed with some spikes on top and wears a navy blue shirt with a V neck, pale green pants and black shoes.


South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

One of them was among the children that The New Kid frees from detention in Detention Sentence quest.