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Stephen Willis Stotch, also known as Chris,[1] is a major character. He is Butters' alcoholic and abusive father as well as Linda Stotch's husband.[2]


Stephen Stotch's first appearance in "Chickenlover"


In "Butters' Very Own Episode", Stephen is revealed to be bi-curious, in that he likes women, but he is seen going to a gay men's bathhouse to perform homosexual activities. After it nearly cost him his family and marriage, he suppressed these urges. However, in "Cartman Sucks", he reveals his sexuality to Butters and doesn't mind if his son turns out the same way.

He seems to be homophobic at times. At the beginning of "Cartman Sucks", when he walks in on Butters with Cartman's penis in his mouth, he fears his son is turning gay and sends him to a camp where they supposedly "pray the gay away". Also, in "Raisins", it is revealed that he made a bet with his wife that their son would not turn out gay. When Butters tells them about his love, Lexus, Linda admits that Stephen beat her.


When he was first given an in-depth role in "Butters' Very Own Episode", Stephen appeared to be a very loving, almost a sitcom-like father, making bad, yet good-natured jokes and being rather sweet to his wife and son. However, as the episode progressed his bi-curious lifestyle was revealed, as was his desire to use extreme methods to cover-up things that could negatively affect him. In later episodes, he's noted for the harsh way in which he treats his son, Butters, as he often grounds him for little things or things that weren't his fault, or that he had no control over such as in "The Ungroundable." He has beaten him on occasion, such as "Jared Has Aides", and he's openly snapped at Butters, such as telling him to shut his mouth, as seen in "The Death Camp of Tolerance".

There is some debate over whether Stephen really cares for his son - while he will go to extreme methods to help him, even trying to bring him back from the dead in "Marjorine". He also shows concern when Butters goes missing (such as in "Casa Bonita"), he is also shown to be very selfish, considering his needs and ambitions above those of his son as demonstrated in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset". He has a very heavy-handed approach to discipline, which has resulted in Butters seeing him as a kind of monster, as shown in "Imaginationland, Episode III". In "Pre-School", he was quick to convince his wife that it was neither of their faults that Butters was badly beaten up by a bully on their doorstep, even though it was him who refused to let a frantic Butters back in the house.

At times however, he does seem slightly more down to earth than the other adults in town, as seen in "Cartoon Wars Part I." Most often than not, he usually will overreact though, like all the other adults. He can also be noted for the strange manner in which he cries or weeps.

Career and Occupations

He is the coach of the little league baseball team. In "Jared Has Aides", he is seen working in a cubicle.

Vehicles Owned

Stephen normally drives an animated version of an orange Lexus SUV, but in "Smug Alert!" and "Hell on Earth 2006" it's shown that the family also owns a Prius-like MPV. In "Smug Alert!" he changed his car to a "Hybrid" but then changed back to his normal vehicle at the end of the episode.


He wears a drab, olive-green shirt, a distinctive white tie, blue jeans and black sneakers. He has brown hair, in a style similar to a grown-out crew cut. He is also seen smoking a pipe at times, suggesting that he could be a regular smoker.

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Stephen's name suggests German and/or Scottish heritage.

Linda Stotch

Linda Stotch is Stephen's quiet and at times, submissive wife. They normally appear to be a sweet and loving couple, who are often on the same wavelength regarding each other and their raising of their son Butters. However, their marriage suffered a painful shock when Linda discovered that Stephen was having homosexual affairs, which drove her insane and she attempted to kill Butters and later herself. While attempting to cover-up her supposed murder of their son, they created an elaborate lie regarding "some Puerto Rican guy". However, the lie soon became too complicated and they fought constantly over how to keep the story straight, until at last confessing the truth. They seems to have recovered from that incident, and have never discussed it again.

Linda constantly changes between calling him "Stephen" and "Chris". Since he is called "Stephen" more often than he is called "Chris", it can be assumed that "Chris" could be his middle name, although he states that his middle name is "Willis" in "The Magic Bush".

Butters Stotch

Butters Stotch is Stephen's son and only child. Stephen has been shown to sometimes care about Butters, but he often treats him very harshly, though he claims it's for Butters' own good. Although at times, it seems he enjoys yelling and grounding Butters just for the hell of it, as seen in "The Ungroundable". However, in the episode "Marjorine", when Butters pretended to kill himself, Stephen and Linda take his death horribly, and Stephen even goes so far as to bury what he believes to be Butters body in an Indian Burial Ground in the hopes of reviving him. However, he comes to believe that doing so would have created a monster, and thus when Butters arrives home, he locks his son in the basement and feeds him dead bodies.


He is a good friend of Randy Marsh and Gerald Broflovski and he is among the more prominent adults of the town. He has accompanied Randy and Gerald on many expeditions, such as when they try to save their kids in "Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow" even when his own son wasn't missing. He and Linda also invited the Marshes, Broflovskis, and Cartmans to accompany them to Aspen in "Asspen".



Stephen on South Park Studios.


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