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{{Minor characters Season Twelve}}
{{Minor characters Season Twelve}}
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[[Category:Possibly deceased]]

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Stephen Abootman is a Canadian character on the animated TV Show South Park.


Like the other Canadians, he has a Pacman-like head that flaps up and down. He has brown hair and wears a black suit with a tie.

Stephen was head of the World Canadian Bureau and lead the country to strike because of the lack of respect shown to Canada on the Canadian Appreciation Day, unfortunately it failed as the Danish replace them. Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, Eric Cartman and Stan Marsh gave him theoretical dollars but Kyle managed to persuade the world leaders to give them a small consolation prize - a piece of a bubblegum and a Bennigans coupon for every Canadian.

Terrance and Phillip gatecrash the celebration party and tell the Canadian people that, in fact, Canada lost far more revenue striking.

The Canadians set Stephen and his assistants adrift on an ice floe. He could possibly be dead from hunger, or the ice they floated on melted and they drowned.

Omnipresent Sycophants

Stephen Abootman has two assistants which are almost always by his side, similar to Mayor McDaniels' assistants. One of the assistants had dark brown hair and mustache and wore a khaki suit. The other had black hair and a dark blue suit.


  • Stephen Abootman bears an uncanny resemblance to Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada at the time of the character's creation.
  • One of his assistants bears a stunning resemblance to his opponent, LDP leader Jack Layton.
  • Abootman is a pun on the way Canadians are stereotypically thought to say 'about'

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