Steamy Nicks is a female singer who appears in the Season Fifteen episode "You're Getting Old". Her name and appearance are based on Stevie Nicks, the lead vocalist, and songwriter for the band Fleetwood Mac.


Randy Marsh (who refers to himself as "Steamy Ray Vaughan") introduces Steamy Nicks onstage while performing Tween Wave music at Mick's Bowling. He says he met her in a Tween Wave chatroom and that she enjoys her kids' Tween Wave music as well. Along with Randy, she simply farts into the microphone while Randy plays the guitar, but they both stop playing when Sharon unexpectedly shows up, who is furious that Randy was performing with another woman.


Steamy Nicks has long orange hair and orange eyebrows. She wears transparent clothing, including a transparent skirt and sleeves on her arms. She also wears a black bra, black panties, and black boots. She is shown to be slightly overweight.


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