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Stark's Pond is a boating lake in the town of South Park. It was a popular location for children to visit for camping, fishing, kayaking, and ice-skating when the surface freezes over.

The pond was destroyed when a Wall-Mart was built on top of it in Season Eight's "Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes". Unusually, despite the basic design of the area in earlier seasons, after its appearance was redesigned and the animation was improved, the old appearance was later used again. The boys bring up Stark's Pond to comfort Kenny in "Kenny Dies", saying they'll go camping there once he's better. Butters usually comes and plays alone in Stark's Pond, as revealed in "Casa Bonita".


"Cartman Gets an Anal Probe"[]

Wendy wants to meet Stan after school at the pond, but when they arrive with Kyle they become caught up with trying to rescue Ike from the Visitors. Wendy suggests they use Cartman as bait.

Chef drives past awaiting the first contact with the aliens, and with Cartman tied to a tree near to Stark's Pond, they attract the mothership. It abducts Cartman but not before Kyle convinces Ike to jump to safety. Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat drive past, agreeing what a strange event it is. Soon after, Wendy offers Stan the chance to kiss, but he vomits all over her. They then identify the food he threw up.


Stark's pond

While camping out in the woods, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny McCormick discover the thought-to-be extinct race of Jakovasaurs living there, and they tell Jimbo who is in his hut nearby.

"Here Comes the Neighborhood"[]

Tolkien is seen throwing stones there.

"Toilet Paper"[]

When Kyle considers owning up to his and the other boys' actions in throwing toilet paper over Mrs. Streibel's house, Cartman takes him to the lake to go boating and have a "chat". During this, Cartman unsuccessfully attempts to murder Kyle by hitting his head with a Wiffle bat multiple times.

After Stan and Kenny also agree with Kyle, Cartman invites all three of them to go boating with him, and once again tries unsuccessfully to murder them by hitting them with a Wiffle bat.

"Grey Dawn"[]

A man is shown fishing in the pond when two old people in a car take a turn off a bridge and land right on him and the boat, mistakenly thinking that it's the Country Kitchen Buffet parking lot.

"Casa Bonita"[]

Butters reveals he plays there alone sometimes.

"The Jeffersons"[]

Cartman goes to Stark's Pond to tell the other children who are skating on the frozen lake about Mr. Jefferson's house and fairground.

"Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes"[]

It is revealed that the new Wall-Mart store has been built on the space once occupied by Stark's Pond. After the store is destroyed it is unseen what becomes of the land.

"Cartman's Incredible Gift"[]

The Left Hand Killer's work has been indicated to happen due to the looks of a crime scene investigation in that episode.

"The China Probrem"[]

Stark's Pond is seen in this episode when Stan comes to talk to Jimmy who is sitting on a bench at Stark's Pond next to a green trash can.

"You're Getting Old"[]

Stan is sitting at Stark's pond where Kyle walks over to talk to him but decides it's not worth it. Stan sees a flower as crap on a stem and a crappy bee.

South Park: Post Covid[]

Adult Stan sees the pond when returning to South Park. Only a small puddle is left, and the pond was renamed to "Stark's Puddle". A man is seen jumping in the small water puddle.

Video Games[]

Let's Go Tower Defense Play[]

Stark's Pond is a level in this game, where the boys meet Jimbo and Ned. Jakovasaurs, Critters, and Old People are encountered here.

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

Main Quest[]

After seeing what the stick did to Princess Kenny, the boys throw the stick in the pond.

Side Quest[]


  • Chinpokomon
    • Cosmonewt - Found in an underwater UFO (alien probe required).

South Park: Snow Day![]

Stark's Pond serves as the setting for the mission of the same name. After hearing reports of Kyle's elven army advancing near the pond, the New Kid travels to the pond where they encounter Randy Marsh stuck in the frozen pond. The New Kid frees Randy by crashing a tanker truck onto the ice, and later engages a battle with the elves.




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