The Star Trek Nerds are two men who often help out the boys in times of trouble. They have shown to be useful and talented, but also to get into squabbles with each other over trivial things, such as the amount of episodes in Star Trek: The Original Series.

They made their first appearance in "Fourth Grade", where they build two time machines for the boys, in order to return to the 3rd Grade. In "Freak Strike", they helped the boys attach a set of prosthetic testes to Butters' chin, so he can go on the Maury Povich show. They were also seen worshipping with the Cult of Cthulhu in "Mysterion Rises".


Both of the nerds wear sandals and round-framed glasses. The first nerd wears light blue shorts, a navy blue shirt with the words "Resistance is futile!" written in green, and a green coat. He has long blond hair in the style of a ponytail.

The other nerd wears green pants, a black shirt with the words "Yeah, resistance is futile!" written in red, and a black wrist brace. He has short brown hair, which is receding, and has a brown mustache and beard.



  • According to Kyle, they are college guys and they live next to him.


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