Stacy Muleburg is the poster child for "Halitosis Kidz!", an organization attempting to counteract bad breath. She appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Cartman Finds Love".


In "Cartman Finds Love", she was seen at the basketball game promoting Halitosis Kidz. After Token Black and Nichole Daniels resume their relationship, Stacy fell in love with Eric Cartman as she was shot with "love" arrows from Cartman's alter-ego, Cupid Me.


Stacy is overweight, similar to Cartman, and she wears black shoes, navy blue pants, and a blue "Halitosis Kidz!" shirt over a white undershirt. She has long brown hair with a pink bow to hold her ponytail. She has a snout-like nose and severely rotten teeth, which are likely the cause of her halitosis.


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