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"Spring Break"
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Episode no. Season 26
Episode 06
Production no. 2606
Original airdate March 29, 2023
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Spring Break is the sixth episode and season finale of Season Twenty-Six, and the 321st overall episode of South Park. It aired on March 29, 2023.[1]


Spring Break is an excuse for Garrison to jump back into his former depraved lifestyle.[1]


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Plot details follow.

At the Garrison Residence, Mr. Garrison comes home from South Park Elementary and lets his boyfriend Rick know that since there is no school for seven days, he has bought them a five-night vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Rick expresses concern that they "know" what goes on down there, that neither of them do "that stuff" anymore or should be near "those places". Garrison promises he will not "rage" down there and that places like that no longer exist, promising all he wants to do is watch the sunset with him, declaring it will be the best spring break ever. Meanwhile at Tegridy Farms, Randy sees his wife Sharon and daughter Shelley off for a spring break vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico, promising he and Stan will do some "father-son stuff", but as soon as they leave, he takes off his clothes and opens a beer, declaring the "bitches are gone". Stan starts painting his Warhammer 40K miniatures and asks to invite the guys over to play all week. Randy pretends to be supportive as Stan invites Tolkien over to play with him.

At Myrtle Beach, Garrison and Rick are drinking together and getting a caricature done and discuss getting some southern food, then pass by the Maga Store which is blaring music and sells merchandise related to Garrison's presidency. Rick lectures him about "those places" and Garrison expresses surprise it is "still there", revealing their earlier conversation was about political rallying. The owners come out and express excitement to see Garrison again, inviting him inside to "rally" in a manner similar to partying. That evening, Garrison lays in bed with Rick trying to sleep but could not stop thinking about the store, heading out and still trying to resist before entering the building, beginning to dance on entrance and being encouraged by his former supporters and the store owner to rally a little. Garrison continues trying to resist because he has a "serious boyfriend" now, but when the owner points out he would not be around again, he starts ranting and reciting his familiar political issues, complaining about immigration from Mexico and President Joe Biden, to the excitement of his supporters.

Back at the farm, Randy expresses concern that Stan and Tolkien have wasted an entire day of spring break playing Warhammer 40K on the dinner table with a complicated, detailed miniature setup. He tells them spring break is about "wet T-shirt contests" and "mud wrestling" and having women over. He complains today's society has ruined this and made the boys ashamed their innate, male desires were toxic, blaming liberals for making them ashamed of themselves, which Stan and Tolkien unconcerned by. Early in the next morning, a drunken Randy visits Steve Black and questions the fact Tolkien and Stan are playing, asking if they can talk with their sons about society's mythologizing of masculinity, assuming Steve also did sexual things during spring break, but he denies. Randy questions this, then notices Steve's wife Linda is present and assumes Steve is lying to hide this activity from his wife, then whispers he will "take care of it."

Back in Myrtle Beach, Garrison is still rallying and Rick calls Garrison and asks on his whereabouts, but Garrison lies that he is out buying sunscreen for their beach day tomorrow because he could not sleep. He tries to leave, but the owner again talks hm into staying behind and he continues rallying. Later in the day, Garrison is sleeping groggily on the bed still dressed when Rick tries to wake him up, expressing concern about them missing their beach day. Garrison claims the time change is getting to him and he needs some more sleep and will join him in a while; a disappointed and dejected Rick leaves and is seen on the beach watching the sunset alone. The same morning, Stan and Tolkien are continuing their game when Randy comes in and asks if they have done anything because the police are here to ask them questions. Two stripper policewomen enter the room, but Stan and Tolkien are still only concerned about their game. Randy hopes to attract their attention to the women further and sprays water on one of the strippers, which causes a Romanian handler to enter the room warning Randy not to harass the ladies. He explains his concern about the liberal left alienating the boys, and the man promises to show him a "real party", with Randy mentioning the barn full of weed.

Back at Myrtle Beach, Rick is walking down the street and looking for Garrison, calling his cell phone and going to voicemail expressing concern that he returned from the beach and could not find him. Rick then stumbles upon a sign promoting a MAGA Convention at the Shore Resort hotel, angrily going into the hotel as club music plays and taking an elevator up. He excuses himself through a large crowd of partygoers to find Garrison, half-dressed as the President again, declaring that he will take Arizona and Georgia, quickly insisting they took them last time as well, then stopping when he spots a disappointed Rick, chasing him outside. Rick points out it is two in the morning and that he was alone at the hotel while Garrison insists he recieved a text about Tucker Carlson being in town and just meant to rally a little bit. Rick is concerned Garrison is being exploited and that the people care more about rallying than about him. Garrison promises it is out of his system and they can start over tomorrow. Meanwhile at the farm, there are clothes and toilet paper everywhere as a large crowd of young people is now partying throughout the house, while Stan and Tolkien continue their game. Randy swings on a chandelier and injures himself as he drunkenly parties with the partygoers. An ambulance arrives to take him to the hospital for his injuries, including a broken arm, fractured ribs, and his legs, and he refuses and insists he has to watch his son because the media has made him ashamed of himself, comparing the Warhammer game to playing with dolls.

Rick and Garrison are eating for lunch at a fancy restaurant where Garrison is visibly tired and shaking. Rick suggests they should go back to the hotel so he can rest but Garrison insists he will make up for his mistakes to Rick, mentioning some other people cannot seem to let things go while Rick tells him he cannot be around them. Garrison excuses himself to vomit in the bathroom, but when he does vomit and try to use the bathroom, he notices the person in the next stall has a 2024 tattoo and starts to tap under the stall. After waiting at their table a while, Rick enters the bathroom later to discover Garrison, dressed as the President again, rallying in the bathroom with the other man. Rick leaves and Garrison declares angrily that nobody can actually control him. Back at the farm, a policewoman arrives with a report about a party going on for three days. Randy mistakes her for a stripper and harasses her by slapping her ass and pretending to honk her breast, and she threatens to arrest him. He tries to justify he is doing this for his son but she keeps him on the ground and cuffs him. Randy asks Stan to get his wallet but he insists he has to finish his psyker phase first, causing Randy embarrassment. Officer Johnson follows her inside and spots the Romanian handler, identified to be a sex trafficker named Alonzo Fineskiat the party and pulls out his gun, leading to a shootout that hits the policewoman and causes most of the guests to flee.

A forlorn Rick waits at Myrtle Beach International Airport for a plane home when a Garrison 2024 campaign rally appears on television, with Garrison fully dressed as the President and delivers a speech:

I am here today for those who have been wronged, for those who have been betrayed. And let me tell you, that nobody in this country has been betrayed more than my Ricky Rick. Rick, I am so sorry. And if you are out there, I want you to know that I love you. You are the only thing that keeps me from doing all this stupid stuff. When I met you, I felt in control of myself for the first time. There has never been anyone who calmed me down more than my little Ricky bear. You are my boo... the truth is, some of us simply can't be alone. We need a relationship so that we're accountable to someone. I realize now how broken I am without that person who keeps me from destroying myself. And all I've ever done was take you for granted and wished I wasn't being controlled. Rick, I am a giant piece of shit without you. I don't deserve another chance. You have been wronged. You have been betrayed. And the only person who deserves retribution is me. I know you all really want to rally and rage but, the only thing I have to say is... is that I love Rick. I love Rick! I love Rick!

The Garrison rally begins to chant "I love Rick" with him, and then break the barricades and rush to the United States Capitol building again, while back at the farm, a crying Randy hears the speech and is reminded of his wife, crying as he calls her on the phone in tears and begs her to come home. Sharon and Shelley arrive shortly later and Randy apologizes for cutting the trip short, and Sharon admits he made it longer than last spring break. As Sharon reaches the kitchen, stepping past drunken people, she sees Stan and Tolkien still playing Warhammer and asks him if she remembers what he told him about doing, so to his disappointment. Back at Garrison's home, Garrison arrives to meet with Rick and hugs him. He promises he wants to stay in South Park and not go through another campaign, but Rick declares they will have to see what happens.


  • This episode focuses on Mr. Garrison's indulgence in his lifestyle during his term as President of the United States. Garrison's last appeared with this appointment in "The Pandemic Special".


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