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  • Cartman and Kenny do not have any spoken lines in this episode.
  • This is Leslie Meyers' first speaking role.
  • It is revealed that Principal Victoria was not actually fired, but replaced.
  • GEICO and State Farm are both real insurance companies.
  • Jimmy can tell an ad from a piece of news, by reading a very limited part, even if the part doesn't contain any information that implies.
  • During PC Principal's speech at the frat house, he refers to Jimmy as an "Uncle Able", in reference to the derogatory epithet "Uncle Tom".
  • When Randy tells Sharron that using "He" or "She" is an "agenderphobic microagression" and then calls her a bigot, this a reference to the idea that there are more than two genders and it is offensive to call someone "He" or "She" if they do not identify with either of those pronouns. This has lead to a rise in use of gender neutral pronouns such as "Xe" and "Zir" being used on social media and in colleges.

References to Popular Culture

  • Jimmy delivers a Super School News Paper on a Thomas the Tank Engine train.
  • Barbrady quotes "Come with me if you want to live", a widely known catchphrase from the Terminator films.
  • Jimmy paraphrases Deckard from the film Blade Runner "Does she know she's a replicant?" with "Does she know she's an ad?"
  • The scene in which Stephen explains how reading news on the internet is hard is inspired by the classic TV show The Twilight Zone.
  • The conversations between Leslie and Jimmy mimic the movie Ex Machina.
  • During Stephen's speech about reading news online, a page for BuzzFeed can be seen briefly below his feet.
  • An ad for Ray-Ban sunglasses can be briefly seen during Stephen's speech.


  • Herbert Garrison makes his first appearance since "Where My Country Gone?" His presidential campaign has continued and gained a lot of traction.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Principal Victoria in Season Nineteen.
  • The name for the school newspaper is Super School News, the same name of the boys' news show in "Quest for Ratings".
  • The front of the school newspaper with the caption "Homeless Brought Down and Out" shows a picture of the police arresting a homeless man in front of Whole Foods Market. This a reference to the ending of the previous episode, "Naughty Ninjas".


  • Mr. Garrison refers to Victoria as "Principal Victoria", even though she is no longer the school principal.

Bradley Biggle Sightings

In every episode of Season 19, Bradley Biggle can be spotted in the background, much like the Visitors were in previous Seasons.

  • Seen running away from PC Principal in the school hallway at the beginning of the episode.
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