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"Splatty Tomato"
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Episode no. Season 21
Episode 10
Production no. 2110
Original airdate December 6, 2017
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"Splatty Tomato" is the tenth and final episode of Season Twenty-One, and the 287th overall episode of South Park. It aired on December 6, 2017.[1]


The children of South Park claim to have seen Mr. Garrison lurking around town and they're frightened. The town comes together to make the President go away.[1]


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Plot details follow.

At the White Residence, Crystal is screaming for her parents. As they rush in, she says she saw the president, her parents try to calm her down insisting the school is filling her head with lies. Her parents leave and she approaches the window, the president is standing there asking about his approval ratings. Crystal runs off, horrified by this sight.

At the Broflovski residence, thunder and heavy rain are coming down as Kyle sits on the edge of his bed, looking depressed. A reporter on the television says that over a million Canadians were killed in the nuclear blast. Ike comes in a very frustrated look on his face. Kyle apologizes for having a nuclear bomb dropped on Canada, he says he was trying to get "toxic shows" taken off the air but Ike curses him out and runs off.

At South Park Elementary, the Whites are furiously trying to get answers from PC Principal and Strong Woman. PC Principal and Strong Woman try to assure them that the school is run professionally, they end up looking at each other as a romantic song starts playing. After Ms. White acknowledges the song, it stops and Strong Woman assures them that they will not let anything happen to the integrity of the school.

Tweek is riding his bike around town, he hits the breaks as a red balloon is seen saying "Make America Great Again". Suddenly it pops and Garrison is shown, asking about his approval ratings. Tweek screams and runs off in fear.

A news reporter is talking about the President's approval ratings, which has dropped to 3%. The report then shows Justin Trudeau, who has burn marks all over his face as he speaks behind a damaged Toronto. He says America must hand over their president. He tells Canadians to stand with Canada and that Canada will bring the president to justice. Ike happens to be watching this, and he marches away from the television.

Tweek and Craig are sitting on a bench, as Tweek panics Craig tries to comfort him. Kyle and Stan come over on their bicycles, Stan admits he saw the president as well. Cartman and Heidi come over, Heidi also admitting she saw the president. Tolkien comes over also, finishing Heidi's sentence. Randy is next to come over. They compare this to Stranger Things and IT. Randy says he will warn the town and he takes off on his bike, only to fall down.

At the Park County Community Center, townspeople are all up in arms about the president being in town. As the Mayor McDaniels speaks, Bob White stands up and makes it known they still support the president. Randy starts auguring with him as the townspeople all complain as Bob sits down. The mayor brings up Officer Bright, who tells people not to approach or reason with the President. He also says that he cannot be shot. A townsperson asks if he can joke about shooting him if a friend asks, Bright tells him it is best just to avoid the topic completely, saying that they could turn him into Kathy Griffin. He advises everybody to lock up their garbage and try to get him to go away.

A police officer is putting up a flyer showing Ike missing. The kids watch this as Kyle walks behind them, they all run up to him. Kyle says he must go find Ike. Craig and the boys offer to help him. Heidi says Cartman could not go because they were supposed to have a date night. Cartman tried to reason with her, she said she got screwed over because of Kyle's brother. Heidi now turns her attention to Kyle, saying he is mad because he had the hots for her and she "shut him down". Kyle fires back saying he would never have the hots for her the way she is now. Heidi looks disappointed after that bombshell as Stan says they need to go out to the woods and save the town while listening to "kick ass 80's music".

At the Buca De Faggoncini, PC Principal and Strong Woman enter along with Butters Stotch who is the "Student of the day". Strong Woman gives her name to the waiter, as they seat them in a booth. Strong Woman and PC Principal start talking about their relationship, as Butters sits in the middle. He tunes all this out and after a few moments of silence, suggests they order as he looks at the menu.

At the White residence, Bob exits and places a tray of finger sandwiches outside. Randy and the others confront him. Bob starts talking about Clinton's foundation taking money from foreign diplomats. Randy says Canada is going to nuke the town if they let the president stay here. Bob retorts that Hillary is not even any better, to which Randy requests to give him the finger sandwiches. Bob angrily turns in.

The group led by Kyle searches through the woods to look for Ike, they came upon a bridge where Heidi threw away her old phone. She reminisces the time where she used to be nice and naive. Cartman tries to cut her off, to which Heidi angrily retorts that she is trying to have a moment here. Cartman apologizes to the group for the delay, Heidi then refers to her old self as a "skinny bitch". Kyle tells them that they need to keep going.

At the mayor's office, Mayor McDaniels is disappointed that the president was not yet gotten rid of, as Officer Bright tells her that a bunch of kids has gone missing. He assumed that the president must have eaten them, to which Mrs. Tweak cries. Mayor McDaniels gets angry that they were just talking to her and not finding the president. Officer Bright assures her that they are close to capturing the president and had set up a "Fox trap".

At the forest, Garrison pops up and devours a rat. He hears a noise and turns around to see the commotion. He sees the "fox trap" that was set up by Bright and decides to talk to them. Bob then comes out of the bushes and warns him that it is a literal trap, in which Garrison evades and thanks them.

The group continues the search for Ike, stopping a while to switch music. Along the way, they see the cabin in which they destroyed Cartman's electronics. Kyle searches the cabin for Ike. Heidi remembers that this was the place where Cartman's gadgets were destroyed and when he used to be nice, they come into an argument. Kyle comes out without finding Ike. Craig tells him that maybe Ike did not even bother looking for the president, to which he explains that Canadians are very loyal to their country. Ike is then seen riding a Newfoundland dog, donned in a Canadian Mountie outfit.

The adults are searching in the forest for the president, Jimbo tells Randy that they found the president. A campsite is shown with an eerie whisper. Randy volunteers to search the campsite, Officer Bright warns him that the president has been eating animals and living like a monster and must be prepared for what he is about to see. Randy searches the tent to find out that PC Principal and Strong Woman are having a sexual affair. Randy vomits and tells the search party that they are together. PC Principal and Strong Woman come out, to which the adults react and vomits.

The group walks through the woods, Kyle then finds a pair of toy binoculars by Ike. Heidi, recognizing the place, remembers the time when Cartman brought her here to die. She argues with Cartman, she then starts hallucinating her past self. Garrison suddenly appears, stating that he is dehydrated and is starving. He starts to walk towards them but is then caught by a trap set up by Ike.

At the South Park Community Center, the search party returns. Sharon Marsh asks Randy on what they saw. Randy tells her that PC Principal and Strong Woman are together, causing her to vomit on Randy's face. They then hear a horn blowing, and goes outside to see that Garrison had captured by Ike. They rejoiced, but then Bob snatches Officer Bright's handgun and comes to aid the president along with his family, stating that they still support the President and is at least trying to save Christmas.

Heidi suddenly snatches the gun from Bob, and holds Cartman at gunpoint, blaming him for the person she has become. She suddenly realizes that she has been engaging in self-victimization ever since she has been seeing Cartman. She decides to abandon the victim-hood lifestyle and break up with Cartman for good. Cartman grabs the gun and threatens to kill himself, but Heidi, now fully aware of Cartman's machiavellian nature, is no longer moved by his attempts at manipulation and tells him that maybe he can play the victim but she cannot and walks away. A woman suddenly screams and the crowd turns to see that the president has broken loose. Stan remarks that they cannot destroy him, in which Randy replies that only the Whites can stop him.

Critical Reception

AV Club gave "Splatty Tomato" a "B-" rating saying: "Surprisingly, it’s “Splatty Tomato”’s subplots that end up being the main source of both comedy and drama. PC Principal and Vice Principal finally accept their feelings for one another, much to the disgust of all of the adults in South Park. While on the manhunt for Garrison, Randy discovers them post-coital, promptly vomiting at the sight of two coworkers who have a mutual attraction for one another in the middle of the #MeToo movement. His retching has a chain reaction, the nonstop puke amplifying last week’s commentary on our collective paranoia about workplace romance."[2]

IGN gave "Splatty Tomato" a "7.9" rating saying: "At this point it's tradition for South Park's season finales to struggle and fail at offering closure to the show's running storylines. That's why "Splatty Tomato" is a welcome surprise. It didn't quite combine its many concurrent plot threads into a cohesive whole, but it did a better job of tying up loose ends than most. And in some ways, the lack of closure in the final moments only played into the larger themes and topical humor."[3]


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