The Spinny Mountain Records Producer is a producer who makes his first appearance in the Season Twenty-Two episode "Buddha Box".


In "Buddha Box", the producer helps the PC Babies' band become famous after hearing them crying. He records the PC Babies with Bruce in a recording studio and is seen talking to them before PC Principal and Strong Woman take them back.

He also appears in "Band in China", where he hears Stan, Butters, and Jimmy's band Crimson Dawn playing at Autumn Fest and decides to help them write their biopic. He helps them with ideas for the biopic, but warns them throughout the episode that they can't use topics that are forbidden from being shown in China until the band decides they don't want to betray their ideals to make money in China.


He has short gray hair and thick gray eyebrows. He wears a dark blue business suit over a light blue button-up shirt and a gold chain necklace as well as dark blue pants and black shoes.

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