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Spencer Hollis is a South Park Elementary student who appears in South Park (Not Suitable For Children).


According to Eric Cartman, Spencer Hollis never really cared about Cred, only drinking them after being inspired by an influencer. He is often accused by Cartman as a "poser" unlikely, other Cred drinkers. When the Cred Affinity Group is started up, Spencer is specifically told he would not be allowed into the group.

Spencer is seen among the several children at Pueblo attempting to get their hands on a bottle of Mega Cred from a CVS store. Despite massive unrest in the store, Spencer manages to escape with surviving stocks of Mega Cred, and later shows them off in school only for Cartman and his affinity group to show off their Jelly Roll Midnight Waffle House which made Spencer leave defeated.


Spencer has light brown hair. He wears a light gray hoodie under a green and white jacket, with blue pants and a set of white gum-sole shoes.

At the beginning of South Park (Not Suitable For Children), his hoodie reads out "CRED" in yellow.




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