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Sparky is Stan Marsh's pet dog, who is (according to Stan) part Doberman and part wolf, and is claimed by Stan to be "the toughest dog on the mountain". This assertion is challenged, however, by other South Park residents when Sparky's homosexual nature manifests; first with Sylvester and then with Clyde's dog, Rex. He has made sporadic cameo appearances since.


Sparky seems to not wait for consent from other male dogs and instead proceeds to jump upon them and have sexual intercourse with them, much to the humiliation and confusion of the other dogs. Sparky also had a brief physical encounter with the mail-ordered female poodle, Fifi, but his only interest in Fifi was her diamond-studded collar.

Overhearing Stan repeating an anti-gay tirade, first heard from Mr. Garrison, a heartbroken Sparky runs away to the shelter of Big Gay Al's Big Gay Animal Sanctuary. Sparky enjoyed the idea of being accepted for who he was, but still missed Stan immensely. Stan too missed Sparky, and forgoing his responsibilities with the school football team, went in search of Sparky. Stan managed to locate the Big Gay Animal Shelter and Sparky was soon found and returned to Stan. Initially, Stan intends to help Sparky overcome his homosexuality, but Big Gay Al realizing that Stan still doesn't get it, has the two of them ride his Big Gay Boat Ride, where Stan learned that being gay is okay.

Sparky was briefly seen in "Spookyfish" where he was seen digging up one of Sharon's dug up bodies.

Sparky then appeared in "Proper Condom Use" in which Stan proceeds to masturbate him, thinking that he's playing a game he learned from The 6th Graders, called "Red Rocket", in which one 'milks the dog'. Sparky, however, did not get to climax and was left to run off, still aroused.

Sparky suffered for the irresponsibility of Stan and the boys when they threw a throwing star into the eye of Butters Stotch in the episode, "Good Times with Weapons". Rather than take Butters to the hospital, they shaved Sparky of his fur and glued it to Butters, with the intention of taking him to the vet under the disguise of a dog, and to avoid getting in trouble for playing with weapons. Sparky was obviously not pleased with the abuse.

He has a small cameo in "Woodland Critter Christmas" when Stan returns home at the end of the episode.

Sparky is mentioned once in "Follow That Egg!", when Bebe said she found Stan's and her egg in his dog's mouth.

Sparky makes his next appearance in the series twelve years later, in the Season Twenty episode "The End of Serialization as We Know It". He is briefly seen at the end of the episode with the Marsh family as they are watching the news.

In "Help, My Teenager Hates Me!", Stan mentions his experience with Sparky, saying he "had a gay dog" and that he was one of the first people to say it was okay to be gay. Stan's claim he "had a gay dog" in the past tense, his current fate and whereabouts are unknown.

Behind the Scenes

Sparky was originally voiced by actor George Clooney. In interviews, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have stated that they have invited major celebrities to voice minor characters in the pursuit of creating layers of irony on the show.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Sparky appears as one of Stan's attacks, in which he uses a laser pointer to direct Sparky to the enemy to lower the enemy's defense. When you choose Cartman's side when attacking the school, Sparky appears as an enemy in Stan's boss battle. When Stan's health is low, Sparky starts licking him and Stan regains part of his health. During the final boss battle, he is seen dragging the Nazi zombie unicorn's head after Stan chops it off.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Main Article: Full Moon Sparky

Full Moon Sparky is a 4-cost Sparky Adventure Card in South Park: Phone Destroyer. Full Moon Sparky provides a damage boost to all nearby allies. When charged, the new kid spawns a treat which Sparky starts to run towards it. When eating this treat he heals itself before heading back to the battlefield.


Sparky is a dog with brown fur. He has a dark brown face and dark brown paws.



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