SpaceX[1] is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company that designs, manufactures and operates aerospace equipment.[2] SpaceX headquarters are located in Hawthorne California. The company has played an ongoing role in Season Twenty.


Eric Cartman and Heidi Turner are trying to get to Mars. In "Members Only", Cartman and Heidi traveled to SpaceX in an attempt to go to the planet due to the planned launch of the Danish's anti-troll website and to avoid the chaos that would follow after the launch. Cartman and Heidi as well as Butters Stotch are on a waiting list along with others to travel to Mars. However, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk only offers tours of SpaceX technology and the technology of the future at the building, opposed to actual rocket launches and flight services to other planets. In Members Only, Cartman and Butters have convinced Elon Musk to look at ways to get to Mars quickly, with the help of Heidi.

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