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[[Category:Episodes focusing on Kyle]]
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"South Park is Gay!"
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Episode no. Season 7
Episode 8
Production no. 708
Original airdate October 22, 2003
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"Red Man's Greed" "Christian Rock Hard"
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"South Park is Gay!" is the 8th episode of the seventh season of "South Park". It originally aired on October 22, 2003. It was selected #4 of "The 10 episodes that changed the world".


After the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy begins showing, metrosexuality becomes a major fad among both adults and children, and all the men in town begin acting as if they're effeminate. There are a few who resist the fad. Kyle, who doesn't want to conform to metrosexuality, winds up being ostracized and beaten up ("Hey, let's beat up the straight kid!"). There are Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave, two actual gay men who are likewise opposed to the fad since they feel the gay culture should be unique to gays. Mr. Garrison was happy at first when he thought everyone was gay but when he went to gay bar (with most of South Park's men it) he asked a few of them to perform sexual acts with him but they all replyed they were straight and just respected gays which got Mr. Garison mad and made him decide he and Mr. Slave needed to kill the Fab Five. Finally, there is Chef, who chooses not to follow the metrosexual fad and encourages Kyle to remain the way he usually is, after Kyle tells Chef that he didn't feel metrosexual following a makeover. The women of the town are initially in favor of the fad because their husbands and sons would show good hygiene and communicate with them, but soon grow tired of it when they start paying more attention to their own looks than the ladies'.

Kyle, Mr. Garrison, and Mr. Slave all go to New York to try to kill the Fab Five, the hosts of Queer Eye. Kyle buys a train ticket to New York while holding a knife. He then sits next to Mr Garrison who is also holding a knife. At first they both start argueing about who will kill the Fab Five ,but then decide they can both kill them. Unfortunatlly their mission fails when Mr. Slave crashes through a window with a gun but gets seriously injured. They then talk to the insouciant stars, who refuse to stop what they are doing. Mr. Garrison demands to know how gays could betray their own people, and then slowly realizes, they're not gay at all. The five, suddenly turning grave, reveal the truth: their skins burst open, revealing that they are actually from an ancient race of Crab People, planning to turn men weak in order to enslave the world.

Captured by the Crab People, the teachers and Kyle are unable to stop the five from their plans to metrosexualize the president; however, the women, finally fed up with everything, attack the Queer Eye guys and kill them. They explain that men need to be masculine and that's what really makes them attractive, even if they are gross. The producer says he will call the police to arrest them, until he discovers that the bodies of the Fab Five have crab people within. The producer, stricken, decides it's time to bring back the Latino fashion -- which the citizens of South Park immediately adopt.

Kyle is accepted back at school, but when he expresses anger at his prior exiling, the others call him "gay" and go play football. He tries to walk in a different direction but he sighs and says "Goddamnit" then follows them to play football.


  • When all the men are shopping, the wives are in a semi-depresed mode, but for some reason, Liane Cartman, who is unmarried, is with them acting depressed. (It could be the fact that Cartman is shopping with them or that even the single men are shopping and acting gay, thus keeping her from having sex or getting male attention.)
  • When the men decide to unite when Sharon Marsh says "This is crazy!", Jimbo disappears when Randy replies.
  • When the women are at the Marsh family's home discussing how much they enjoy their husbands' new metrosexual style, Sarah Valmer (Jimmy's mother) refers to her husband as "my Steven" even though his name is acctually Ryan.
  • When Craig and his gang pick on Kyle outside, Lizzy can be seen walking over the springy elephant.


  • This episode again demonstrates Kyle's inability to follow popular fads and trends. The first time this happens is in Chinpokomon.
  • This is yet another time that Cartman has suggested that they kill Kyle. This was also done in Toilet Paper and Grey Dawn.
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