The South Park Vampire Society is a group of students from South Park Elementary who dress up and portray themselves as vampires. They appeared prominently in the Season Twelve episode, "The Ungroundable" and the Season Seventeen episode, "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers."


The Vampire Kids are a group of kids who are fans of vampire fashion and subculture, especially the book series Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. They pretend to be vampires by wearing plastic fangs, drinking Clamato juice as a substitute for blood, and dressing in clothes from the store Hot Topic. Their Hangouts include the far side of the playground & the gymnasium.

They class themselves into the three known varieties of vampires, based on the actual vampire folklore: psy (psychic), sanguinarian (blood drinking), and hybrid (both psy and sanguinarian). However, only three known members of the clique have described themselves as such.

They go around accepting kids who they see as "cool enough" to join them, although they have allowed some the less popular kids join them on a trial basis. The Goth Kids took notice of them and became increasingly outraged by the growing size of the clique and felt that the vampire kids were ripping off their gothic style of dress and causing those of neither goth or vampire affiliation to confuse them with the other.

In an attempt to solve the problem, the Goth Kids first kidnapped the leader of the clique, Mike Makowski and FEDEX'ed him to the city of Scottsdale, thinking that getting rid of the head vampire would cause the other vampires to go back to being normal. However, the plan had no effect and the vampire clique continued to grow even larger. On the verge of accepting defeat, the goth kids were met by Butters, who had also been among those who have been assimilated into the vampire clique. Unlike the rest of the kids however, Butters didn't join because he thought of it as a fad, but instead actually believed he really was a vampire.

Wanting to free himself of his 'curse', Butters suggested the idea of destroying the vampires' lair, which would supposedly cause the vampires to become human again. He leads the Goth kids to the clothes store Hot Topic, as soon as the goth kids entered the store, they took out their cigarette lighters and cans of hairspray product, using them as makeshift flamethrowers and torched the whole store. 

The Black Adult Male Member of the Vampire Society.

In "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers", the Vampire Kids are holding a meeting which is interrupted by Goth Kids Pete and Firkle who up until then were their sworn enemies. The Goths enlist the help of the Vampire Kids who they feel are the only other clique who understands the Emos. The Vampire Leader Mike Makowski and an adult Black Vampire Kid agree to help and during a seance they summon the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe to help stop the Emos.


Members of the Vampire Society usually wear black clothing, from the Hot Topic store, and have various colored dyes in their hair. Several wear excessive amount of makeup on their faces.


South Park: The Stick of Truth

The Vampire kids make an appearance at the end of the game, teaming up with Clyde's forces. During the game's beta stages, the Vamp Kids were to be fought as regular enemies at the cemetery, but were scrapped from the game, possibly due to the previous company's bankruptcy while they were planning to complete the game.

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