South Park Rally is a racing video game that features many characters from South Park, and locations such as the city itself and Big Gay Al's home. The objective of the races can vary from race to race; sometimes a player is required to obtain an item/series of items and at other times the player is required to beat the other players. The characters and items are all from Seasons 1-3. Scuzzlebutt, Sheila Broflovski, Liane Cartman and skins are not avaliable in the Nintendo 64 version.





Yellow Box

Purple Box

Red Box

Green Box

Blue Box



  • South Park Rally Race 1
  • South Park Rally Race 2
  • Cow Days
  • Valentine's Day
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Read A Book Day
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Pink Lemonade Race
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Millenium New Year's Eve
  • Ass Battle (Multiplayer only)


  • City
  • Farm
  • Big Gay Al's
  • Sewers
  • Forest
  • Mountain
  • Volcano
  • Carnival (Sega Dreamcast Exclusive)
  • Gridiron/Stadium (Nintendo 64 & PC Exclusive; Multiplayer only)


  • Some cars of the characters featured in the series
  • Dr. Mephesto has a cameo appearance in the Carnival. Although he is a playable character.
  • During the Halloween race (Only in Championship mode) several animals are seen wearing hockey masks. a clearly reference to the infamous serial killer Jason Voorhees.
  • Although you're playing Spring Cleaning Race in Arcade Mode, and you pick 5 turbo caffeine pick-ups, the text: ''Unlocked Cheat'' will appear in the screen.
    • This goof was not fixed in the Microsoft version and Tweek can be unlocked also in arcade mode.
  • Even though mutant rabbits are the main obstacle in Easter Egg Hunt, They are present only in championship mode, and absent in Playstation game.


South Park Rally received negative reviews. GameRankings has 47.38% as the average score for the PC version, the PlayStation version has the average score  44.68%, the Dreamcast version 44.54% and the Nintendo 64 version 43.21%. The game was criticized for poorly control and repetition of the voice acting.

Beta Version

There were some items, modes and characters that were discarded from the game prior to its release


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