South Park Public Library is a minor building in South Park. It was first seen in the Season One episode "Starvin' Marvin".


The Librarian as seen in "The F Word".

In the Season One episode "Starvin' Marvin", Mayor McDaniels holds the food drive at the South Park Library.

In the Season Two episode "Chickenlover", Officer Barbrady comes to the library in order to learn how to read.

In the Season Seven episode "Red Man's Greed", the boys, along with Butters Stotch, Jimmy Valmer, Timmy Burch, Tweek Tweak and Alex Glick meet in front of the library in order to come up with an idea to earn money in a short time.

In the Season Thirteen episode "The F Word", the Harley Riders comes to the library in order to find the meaning of the word "faggot".

In the Season Twenty-Two episode "Time To Get Cereal" the boys, Al Gore and Satan scour the library in order to find information about ManBearPig.



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