The South Park Mental House is a mental hospital, located in South Park, where the boys commit Kyle Broflovski, believing he is a fecalphiliac for his believing in the existence of Mr. Hankey. It was seen in the episode, "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo".


After several instances where Kyle tries to make people believe in Mr. Hankey and after he is put on Prozac by Mr. Mackey, he is eventually committed by his friends at the request of Mr. Mackey, who had discovered Mr. Hankey in his coffee, blaming Kyle for it. After Mr. Hankey reveals himself to the townspeople at the Christmas play, they return in song and release Kyle from the hospital.


The South Park Mental House is a blue, rectangular building with many brown-framed windows across it, as well as fine brown doors. Inside, the building features a lobby and at least one padded room for the patients.



  • The two burly men who take Kyle, who would later would appear in the unpublished South Park game.


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