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The South Park Mental Asylum Plus is a mental institution that appears in South Park: Post Covid.


During the investigation to determine the true cause of Kenny's death, Wendy discovers that a person named "Victor Chaos" appears very often on her research. The group decide to contact the mental institution that is housing the person, and request to visit him in person, but is rejected by the warden as not everyone in the group is vaccinated. Clyde, who is making the call for the group, happens to be the one who is not vaccinated, and later announces to the group that they could not visit, claiming conspiracy behind it.

In South Park: Post Covid: The Return of Covid, Stan and Kyle pay a visit to Victor Chaos, who turns out to be Butters Stotch. They were escorted out when Butters begins introducing them into non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Butters later uses a piece of paper he received from Kyle to convince one of the workers to invest in NFTs, allowing him to make his escape.