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The South Park Little League Baseball Team appeared in "The Losing Edge". The boys didn't want to spend their whole summer playing such baseball, so they attempted to lose all their games, a feat that was much harder than initially anticipated.


The South Park Cows uniform consisted of a white and red top emblazoned with the words South Park, white and red shorts and a red cap. Their cap insignia is based on the letters "SP". Cartman, the catcher, is also seen with body protection and catcher's helmet. Their home uniform, seen earlier in the episode, appeared to be very similar, but featuring a green color scheme.


In "The Losing Edge", the team won the last match of a long and boring season against the visiting team from Conifer, Colorado. However, they are dismayed to find out that due to their win, they qualified for the finals, and would be going into post-season. The team then resolves to lose their next match so that they won't have to waste any more of their summer playing baseball. They intend to throw their next match against Fort Collins, but find out that the other team has the same idea, and ultimately win the match as well.

To their frustration, they also win their matches against the Greeley and Pueblo teams. However, upping the stakes, they learn that if they win their match against Denver, they'll start their season over on the national circuit, and spend their whole summer traveling around the country playing baseball. In a last-ditch attempt to lose the next game, they get Kyle Schwartz, Kyle Broflovski's asthmatic, visually impaired cousin, to join the team.

However, they still outclass the Denver team, who spent their time learning how to get really good at sucking. Fortunately, after Randy gets into a fight with a Denver father, the South Park team is disqualified, and the boys are finally able to spend their summer holidays playing video games.

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