The South Park Elementary Gymnasium has been in a many episodes over the course of the series run of South Park. Usually as a meeting place for school assemblies and sports events.

Events Held in the Gymnasium


The place where the South Park Elementary held there Halloween costume contest.

"Conjoined Fetus Lady"

The Gymnasium was the location for the dodge ball game coached by Chef.

"Free Hat"

To gather support for the boys case against Steven Spielberg and George Lucas new Indiana Jones film, Stan, Kyle, and Cartman stand outside the doors of the gym waiting for Tweek, who rushes up to them with a box of hats. The hats were an enticement for all of the attendees who would show up.

"Butt Out"

A school assembly takes place in the gym where Mr. Mackey invites the Butt Out! motivational speakers to educate the students against the dangers of smoking cigarettes.

"Douche and Turd"

The school holds an election in the gym for the new school mascot, since the cow has been deemed cruelty to animals by PETA. The choices are a Giant Douche bottle and a Turd Sandwich.

"Cartoon Wars Part I"

Principal Victoria and Mr. Mackey call a school assembly to watch the Channel 4 News report on the update over FOX channels controversial censorship of Family Guy's depiction of Muhammad.

"With Apologies to Jesse Jackson"

A school assembly is called to educate the power of words with guest speaker Dr. David Nelson. Eric Cartman cannot stop laughing and disrupts the presentation for the fact the Dr. Nelson is midget.

"Lice Capades"

All of the students report to the gym for a mandatory head check for lice.

"Elementary School Musical"

In this episode, the basketball team was seen practicing here.

"The Ungroundable"

The gym was the place where the South Park Vampire Society clique had there meetings. Butters Stotch thought they were real vampires and attempted to record them with a tape recorder, which backfired causing him to be caught.

"Eat, Pray, Queef"

Mr. Mackey as a meeting with the parents due to an incident in which a girl queefed in a boys face, causing him emotional trauma.

"Dances with Smurfs"

An assembly is called in memoriam of Gordon Stoltski, who was brutally murdered over the schools PA system by an intruder. who mistakenly believed the boy was having an affair with his wife.


The school is held hostage twice in the gymnasium; first by the Germans due to being called unfunny and the second by a group of comedians who were put out of work by the Germans Funnybot.

"City Sushi"

At the suggestion of Tuong Lu Kim he convinces his rival Junichi Takiyama to participate in an Asian Diversity assembly in the gym. This was represented by Tuong Lu Kim as a way to teach the students the difference between Chinese and Japanese culture.


In this episode, the fourth graders, along with the rest of the student body, had to take turns giving up their recess in order to participate in a fitness program held in the gymnasium.


The school body reported to the gymnasium for an anti-bullying assembly held by Bucky Bailey's Bully Buckers.

"Cartman Finds Love"

A group of boys go to see the new girl in school practicing with the rest of the cheerleaders. Later, Cartman locks Token and Nichole in the boy's locker room so they can get to know each other better.


The locker room was seen as the Sarcastaball team prepares to play North Park Elementary. Butters Stotch gives a speech to boost morale with the "Creamy goo monologue".

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