The South Park Elementary Bathrooms are commonly seen throughout the series. The boys bathroom made its first appearance in "Erection Day" and the girls bathroom made its first appearance in "Quest for Ratings".


The first instance of a bathroom at South Park Elementary was during the episode "Death". Kenny has explosive diarrhea which the adults contracted from him. At that time the bathrooms were located within Mr. Garrison's 3rd Grade classroom.

In the episode "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", two detectives ineffectually try to find out who defecated in the urinal.

The most prominent use of the boys bathroom was as a running gag during the episode "Butterballs", where various bullies used it for extortion purposes.

The episode "The Cissy", a new gender neutral restroom is created out of a janitor's closet specifically to appease Eric Cartman's supposed gender confusion.


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Boys Bathroom

Girls Bathroom

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