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South Park Elementary is the main school in South Park. It is one of the oldest known locations on the show and has appeared in three incarnations. It has been subjected to numerous school shootings, but nobody ever seems to do anything about it.


School 1

The main hall

The school has undergone two major redesigns. The second of which resulted from the school being accidentally burnt down by the boys.

New School[]

In "Butt Out", the school was burnt down after Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny were smoking. They tried to hide their cigarettes from Mr. Mackey and threw them in the dumpster without putting them out. The dumpster then caught fire and burnt down the school. A new school was constructed, bearing many similarities to the old one. It is virtually identical to the old one, having the same classrooms and offices. The only differences are the cafeteria and exterior of the school, which are slightly altered.

In the future timeline set in South Park: Post Covid, the school is renamed to South Park Elementary Plus and has a extended wing, housing an extensive science center known as the McCormick Science Wing.


First or Second Grade Classroom[]

1313 FirstGraders

The first or second grade classroom.

A possible classroom for first or second graders appears in "Dances with Smurfs" when Cartman is reciting the altered Pledge of Allegiance. Hannah Williams is one of the students seen.

Third Grade Classroom[]

Mr. Garrison room.

Mr. Garrison's desk

Another grade in south park elementary

An unknown classroom.

The original third classroom appears for the first three seasons of the show until "Fourth Grade" when the boys change classes. It has green walls and a brown floor, a chalkboard, an alphabet bar, and live-action photographs of animals around the walls. There are full desks for the students which they can store school supplies in. The exact posters sometimes change. There is a seating chart and main boys and many of their classmates remain in the same seats consistently. The original room is never seen the same after the boys change grades.

Additionally, the alphabet bar above the chalkboard is poorly structured, with the uppercase letters in the correct order and the lowercase letters right next to the uppercase letters running backward. However, in "Chickenlover" and "Ike's Wee Wee", there is a message that reads "DiOsMiOhAnMaTaDoHaKeNnYbAsTaRdOs", which spells "Dios Mio, Han matado a Kenny! Bastardos!" which is Spanish for "Oh my God, they killed Kenny! You bastards!" The bar has two lowercase n's but no lowercase k.

In "Death", it is depicted with its own classroom bathroom which is never seen in any other episode.

In "Dances With Smurfs", a new classroom is seen twice that includes students with the third/fourth grader body structure including familiar background characters such as Kelly Pinkerton-Tinfurter, Kelly Rutherford-Menskin, Beth and others, suggesting it is either a second third grade classroom or one of several fourth grade classrooms.

Fourth Grade Classroom[]

Classroom 1

The boys' fourth grade classroom debuts in "Fourth Grade". It has a darker indigo decor and half-desks, and the alphabet bar above the chalkboard is written cursive lettering which the children cannot understand. It is said to resemble a biology classroom with fish tanks, the gerbil Lemmiwinks, and various plants.

Unlike the third grade classroom, where the students sat in a consistent seating order, the students' seating arrangement can vary from episode to episode for story convenience.

The classroom has consistently included Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters, Tolkien, Clyde, Craig, Timmy, Wendy, Bebe, Red and Annie, but the lineup has otherwise changed, particularly when more female characters are needed or new children appear in an episode, though Timmy is always sitting to the furthest left.

Pip, Kevin Stoley, Bradley, Tweek and Francis were present in the classroom consistently during the fourth through ninth seasons, but became less consistent afterward. After the episode, "D-Yikes!", Pip was removed permanently and Jimmy Valmer became a permanent member. Bradley Biggle was removed after leaving to find his parents in "Coon vs. Coon & Friends". Francis was removed permanently after "Breast Cancer Show Ever", and replaced for the next several episodes by Boy with Red Shirt and Blue Pants. Scott Malkinson was added to the classroom since "Basic Cable" and seems to have become a permanent member, while Tweek was added back to it since "The Pandemic Special".

Other Fourth Grade Classrooms[]

1304 Classrooms1

The kids leaving their classrooms in "Eat, Pray, Queef".

Fourth Grade B

A second fourth grade classroom as seen in "Proper Condom Use".


Another fourth grade classroom as seen in "The Pandemic Special".

There are multiple fourth grade classrooms seen throughout the series, and at least three have been seen.

The inside of a fourth grade classroom is seen in "Proper Condom Use" when the boys are sent in a separate room to learn about sex education with Mr. Mackey while the girls stay in the normal fourth grade classroom. It has posters of sex education and a darker decor. Ms. Choksondik's fourth grade boys are joined by Nate and Boy with Red Shirt and Blue Pants.

In "Eat, Pray, Queef", fourth graders Bill Allen, Jason White, Boy with Red Shirt and Blue Pants, Brimmy and DogPoo Petuski appear to be exiting a classroom across the boys' classroom, though this room appears to house different grades in other episodes based on story convenience.

Cartman mentions that Pete Melman attends fourth grade under an unseen Mr. Bart in "Bass to Mouth", though it is unknown which class he may teach.

A different fourth grade classroom appears in "The Pandemic Special", during the school's quarantine. The classroom has pink walls on which there is a board with U.S historical figures, a political U.S map, a clock in the middle, a photo with a spaceship, and multiple golden stars. It also has multiple bookshelves and a big cabinet. The students seen in the classroom are Nate, Brimmy, Lannie, Francis, Tommy Turner, Andrew Sutherland, Monica Ryland, Daniel Tanner, Isla, Theresa, the girl with blonde hair, and an unnamed red-haired girl.

Kindergarten Classroom[]

Classroom 2

The kindergarten classroom debuts in "Trapper Keeper" after Mr. Garrison is demoted to kindergarten teacher because of his homosexuality. It has brightly colored walls with various pictures (such as animals, rainbows, letters, etc.) and a chalkboard. There is big round desk with seats. After Mr. Garrison is appointed to fourth grade teacher in "The Death Camp of Tolerance", the classroom no longer appears until the tenth-season episode "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", now being taught by Ms. Stevenson, but she commits suicide at the end.

As of "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy", it has "K4" written on the door, which means there are three other kindergarten classrooms.

It has reappeared briefly in "Breast Cancer Show Ever", "Fatbeard" with a substitute teacher, and in "Dances with Smurfs" with a new Kindergarten teacher.

Preschool Classroom[]

Classroom 6

The preschool classroom appears in "Pre-School". Trent Boyett burns down the place after Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny ask him to light something on fire so they could play "fireman". The fire grows out of control, burning the classroom and disabling the teacher, Ms. Claridge, for life. It is briefly seen again during "The Death of Eric Cartman", with Ms. Claridge still teaching the class.

A new preschool classroom and teacher appear in "Member Berries" when Cartman reads the students a story, and appears in the next episode "Skank Hunt", where a preschool girl hands her preschool boyfriend a note saying that she breaks up.

Shop Classroom[]


The shop classroom appears in "Tweek vs. Craig", housed in a separate building. It has wooden desks and various power tools dotted around the room. It is very dangerous and victimized a boy called Tommy Turner who stuck his face in the sander. Kenny also has an accident here and is thrown into a box of rusty old nails. Richard Adler teaches here. Wendy Testaburger requested to take Shop Class but instead she was sent to Home Ec.

Home Economics Classroom[]


The Home Economics classroomm appears as a normal classroom, with the exception of the desks, which are in one line. Stan says that Home Economics is for girls. It appears in "Tweek vs. Craig", where Kenny is the only male student to attend Home Economics as he wanted to avoid getting killed in shop class. He also wanted be surrounded by girls, as well as learning how to cook real food. Pearl teaches this class.

Sixth Grade Classroom[]

Classroom 5

The Sixth Grade Classroom appears in "Breast Cancer Show Ever", where the students are seen leaving in order to watch the fight between Eric Cartman and Wendy Testaburger. It has yellow walls and a blueish greenish floor. The students sit at wooden desks with green chairs. There is a blackboard and above the blackboard is a History Timeline, to the right side of the blackboard is a wooden cupboard with posters on and to the left are various documents on the walls, a globe, and a paper towel dispenser. The 6th Grader Leader is one of the students seen.

In South Park: The Stick of Truth, it is mistaken as the Fifth Grade classroom, Lemmiwinks can be befriended here.

Art Classroom[]


The art classroom appears in "Toilet Paper". Mrs. Streibel teaches the art class here. It has a cyan decor with a blackboard and round tables with plastic tablecloths. The classroom is filled with art supplies, such as easels and pottery wheels. While most of the kids seem to enjoy the class, the boys find it to be rather "gay".

Special Ed Classroom[]

SPMP - 00120

First seen in "Handicar", this classroom is taught in a separate building by Steve and consists of special education students such as Timmy, Jimmy, Nathan, and Mimsy. In "Moss Piglets" they hold an annual science fair and raise money in order to fund summer camp at Lake Tardicaca.

Audio Visual Department Room[]

Audio Visual Department Room Revision

The interior of the room seen in "Quest for Ratings"

This room is only seen in "Quest for Ratings". It has a desk and several posters and various gadgets scattered about in the background. The studios are probably to the right of the office and are rather large with a lot of expensive equipment. It is run by Mr. Meryl.

Student Conference Room 1F[]

Student Conference Room 1F

The interior of the room seen in "Quest for Ratings"

Like Audio Visual Department Room, this room is only seen in "Quest for Ratings" and from the outside, it has a set of wooden double doors. The interior contains a rectangle table with 6 chairs (2 each side and 1 on the top) and to the bottom of the room, it has a brown leather couch with a chair and a TV.


Main article: South Park Elementary Gymnasium

First seen in "Conjoined Fetus Lady", the gymnasium is used for teaching physical education and holding schoolwide assemblies. Chef was the PE teacher until his death and had the kids play dodgeball or play with "the big parachute". When the children took over the town only to part ways in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure", Stan and Kyle's less civilized yet more benevolent tribe made their headquarters here. From "Butt Out" on, it became used much more frequently for scenes of school assemblies covering various topics, often presented by students, staff or guest speakers, as well as becoming home to PTA meetings.

In "Gluten Free Ebola", Butters burnt down the gym for unknown reasons when the boys thought they would no longer need school after their startup company, and thus was not allowed back into the school for a couple weeks.

Locker Rooms[]

The boys' locker room is the only locker room that is shown, as the girls' locker room is never shown. It debuts in "Raisins" when the students are changing into their uniforms to go to P.E. It has wide lockers with a bench, a sign that says "NO RUNNING", and a sign pointing to the showers. It later appears in "Cartman Finds Love" with a few changes as the lockers have a different color, the room is bigger, and it has a shelf for gym equipment. The showers are also shown. The locker room is briefly seen again in "Sarcastaball".

The Computer Lab[]

Classroom 3

The computer lab first appears in "Make Love, Not Warcraft" during the The Boys' grinding of leveling their characters. It has turquoise colored walls, with a dark gray floor and white ceiling panels. The classroom layout is three sides with desks and computers and one side with a whiteboard. The room is at the side of the school as it has a window; the door is brown with a mesh panel to the side. The computer screensaver is the South Park Cows logo on a green background. In "The Ungroundable", Mr. Mackey is teaching the class as they play Call of Duty: World at War. In "The Hobbit", the school girls' edit pictures of themselves. In "The Pandemic Special",

Club Room[]

School Club Room 2

The school club room includes different activities in which the students can partake. It appears in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Board Girls" where Cartman, Stan, Butters, Clyde, and Scott play board games during the "Dice Studz" activity. Cartman, and the rest of the boys, get angry when Nichole, Tammy, and Kelly join the club and beat them at every game. The school club room includes the following clubs:

Club Day Schedule
Drama and Theater Club Monday 9 A.M - 12 P.M
Science Olympiad Monday 2 P.M - 4 P.M
Book Club Monday 5 P.M - 6 P.M
Art Club Tuesday 9 A.M - 10 A.M
Dice Studz Board Games Club Tuesday 12 P.M - 2 P.M
Mathletes Club Tuesday 4 P.M - 6 P.M
Photography Club Wednesday 2 P.M - 4 P.M
Glee Club Wednesday 5 P.M - 6 P.M
Mock Trial and Debate Club Thursday 10 A.M - 1 P.M
Chess Club Thursday 2 P.M - 3 P.M
Horticulture Club Thursday 4 P. M - 6 P.M
Prose & Poetry Club Friday 10 A.M - 12 P.M
Sports Club Friday 3 P.M - 5 P.M



The library has featured prominently in three episodes, "Chef Goes Nanners", "Ginger Kids" and "Breast Cancer Show Ever". In the appearances in "Chef Goes Nanners" and "Ginger Kids" it had wooden bookcases full of books and tables and chairs. In "Ginger Kids" a more open bit of the library was seen which included a wooden speaker stand with 'SP' etched on, chairs, tables with globes, and various other bric a bric on it. In "Breast Cancer Show Ever" the room was shown to have a more 'grimmer' decor than in previous episodes with gray walls and a patterned blue carpet. The room was also used as the detention hall in the same episode.


The theater is featured in "Helen Keller! The Musical", where the kids put on their holiday plays for staff and parents.

It was re-designed in Season Fifteen for "Royal Pudding" and has seen several subsequent appearances, used for school holiday plays, talent shows, other class performances, and occasionally smaller assemblies, such as the various performances in "Put It Down".


Main article: South Park Elementary Cafeteria

The cafeteria is one of the most prominent locations in the school as it is the place where the students usually discuss or interact with Chef. It has oblong-shaped lunch tables, and although it often looks like they can only accommodate two in the panning shots, they can have up to eight people on a single table. To collect food, one must go in one door to collect the food and exit via the other, the kitchen is inside this room, though it is rarely seen after "The Return of Chef". The cafeteria has several entrances and exits. On the wall opposite the serving counter is a "Hot Lunch Menu".

During the first nine seasons, it has a bright blue floor and is rather empty besides tables. From "The Return of Chef" onward, vending machines can be seen alongside additional posters, with fuller tables visible, and the floor is now a darker shade of gray. The floor was later given patterning as well.

The cafeteria is often used for other purposes, as Mr. Mackey is often seen holding study hall and detention here after school, organizations like the PTA and the National Association of Marlon Brando Look-Alikes use it to hold meetings on occasion, and it was where the town was gathered for the announcement of Principal Victoria's replacement by PC Principal.

During the first nine seasons, the boys usually were seen sitting only with themselves, and Pip was seen sitting by himself, but beginning with "Ginger Kids", they were often seen sitting with other male classmates, such as Butters, Craig, Clyde, Tolkien, Jimmy and less often Kevin, Jason or Scott Malkinson, though the lineup varies by episodes and sometimes not all of the boys sit together. There is a prominent Girls' Table, the lineup of which is less consistent but usually includes Wendy Testaburger.

Rehabilitation Room[]

Rehabilitation Room appears in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, where Mr. Mackey teaches children about the dangers of drugs and swearing. It has blue walls and a pale pink carpet. The furniture includes a piano that plays itself, two blackboards, sewing machines, a water fountain, and lots of chairs.

Music Room[]

The Music Room appears in "Bass to Mouth". It has one computer inside it and is only used on Thursdays, so Wikileaks was able to gain access to it without interruption. It has stars on one wall and a movable chalkboard, as well as music stands. Mr. Hankey uses it to teach the students music in "The Problem with a Poo".


Main article: South Park Elementary Bathrooms

The bathrooms are seen often, usually as a place for the students to meet up with one another. In "The List", the boys share the girls' list of the cutest boys with each other by taping it on the bathroom's wall. In "T.M.I.", Eric Cartman and several other boys measure the penises of every boy in their class in the boys' bathroom. In "Butterballs", the boys' bathroom is used by bullies to confront the individual who they are bullying.

In "Quest for Ratings", the girls' bathroom is seen briefly in a report by the boys about the dangers of cough syrup. It is also seen briefly in "Breast Cancer Show Ever" and more prominently in "The Cissy" when Cartman tries to use it.

From "The Cissy" onwards, one of the Janitor's closet is turned into a third bathroom for students who aren't comfortable around transgendered people.

Faculty Restrooms[]

In "Stunning and Brave", there is a faculty restroom which appears almost identical to the student restroom, though it strangely has a window through which the other boys watch as PC Principal beats up Eric Cartman.

Football Field[]

Football Field

The Football Field.

The football field is shown outside in the playground. It is used for football games against other towns. It appears in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" and "Sarcastaball".


The rooftop of the school appears in "The List" in which Kyle attempts to burn down the school from the rooftop. The rooftop contains a small building with a door to enter the school, as well as vents and solar panels.


Counselors' Office[]

Mr. Mackey's office has the word "COUNSELOR" on the front of its door. Craig is usually seen sitting in a chair outside it. On the inside, it has a seat in which the pupil would sit. It also has posters up and Mr. Mackey's certificate to be a school counselor. In "Insheeption", the office is shown to be filled with useless stuff. Subsequently, Mr. Mackey is declared to be a hoarder.

Principal's Office[]

For the worst behavior or for a private discussion, the children are sent to the principal's office. It has the principal's desk, and a chair to the left of it, where Mr. Mackey usually sits. On the wall, there is a poster depicting a monkey and the caption, "Hang in there!" The office also has a bookcase and it overlooks the school's parking lot.

Nurse's Office[]

The nurse's office is first seen in "Conjoined Fetus Lady". This is where the students go when they are injured. It has a hospital bed, medical apparatus, health posters, and a desk.

Janitor's Closet[]

The Janitor's closet appears in "Breast Cancer Show Ever" when Cartman tries to get Wendy to call off the fight. It has cleaning supplies, a mop, a bucket, and a desk with a chair in it and a noticeboard above the desk.


Sports Team[]

Main article: List of South Park Cows Sports Teams

South Park Elementary has many sports teams, including a football team, a basketball team, and a cheerleading team. They had a wrestling team, but it was disbanded in "W.T.F.".


Main article: Cheerleading Squad

Bebe in the South Park Cows cheerleading uniform.

The cheerleaders for the Cows are compromised of Bebe, Red, Mandy, Heidi, Esther, Annie, Wendy, Jenny, Lola, and Nichole, Lisa Berger, and a few unnamed background characters.


South Park Elementary Closed Circuit Television[]

In "Quest for Ratings", it appears that the school has its own private television station that broadcasted Craig's show Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens and the boys' show Super School News. This was re-branded as Sexy Action School News later on and Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens was replaced by Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens Wearing Hats. Also, as seen at the end of the episode and in later episodes, the announcements are made over a P.A. system.


South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

Main Quest[]

The New Kid is sent to call the factions but finds out Craig has got detention. Cartman instructs him to break into school and free Craig. During the quest, the New Kid is forced to fight many hallway monitors, all of whom are ginger.

The Goth Kids are found outside the school, where the New Kid manages to recruit them to either the humans or the elves. The New Kid and his chosen faction attack the school to retrieve the stick from the other faction. Here, they discover the ginger hallway monitors turning into Nazi zombies. The boys reach the classroom and the final battle begins, either against Cartman or Kyle. The boys then discover that Clyde has taken the stick.

Side Quest[]

For Big Game Huntin' With Jimbo, the New Kid needs to fight bacteria found in the basement of the school.

A flag for the Timmy express can be found outside.


  • Friends
    • Bill Allen - Friended after the New Kid fights whoever is attacking them.
    • Fosse McDonald - Friended after the New Kid fights whoever is attacking them.
    • Lemmiwinks - Found in the 5th Grade classroom.
    • Michael - Friended after completing PTA Problems.
    • Pete - Friended after completing PTA Problems.
    • Henrietta Biggle - Friended after completing PTA Problems.
    • Firkle Smith - Friended after completing PTA Problems.
  • Chinpokomon
    • Poodlesaurus - Can be found in the vent in the first hallway.
    • Pterdaken - Found in the openable locker next to either DogPoo or Tweek.
    • Donkeytron - Found in the oven in the kitchen.
  • Costumes
    • Witch Robes - Found behind a log to the left of the school (gnome powder required).
    • Necromancer Hood - Looted from one of the kids attacking an ally when the New Kid first goes upstairs.
    • Necromancer Robes - Looted from a Nazi Zombie Ginger Kid found before entering the boiler room.
    • Necromancer Gloves - Looted from one of the kids by the exit of the cafeteria.
  • Weapons
    • Mace of Restoration - Found in the Hallway Monitor Boss's Locker
    • Holy Hammer of Smiting - Obtained after defeating the Nazi Zombie Ginger Kommandant in the basement.
    • Dodgeball - Looted from one of the hall monitors in Detention Sentence.
    • Basketball - Looted from one of the already defeated kids in the cafeteria.
    • Laser Sword - Found inside the yellow chest in the Fourth Grade classroom.
    • Star Wand - Found inside the yellow chest in the Fourth Grade classroom.
    • Sword Breaker - Found inside the yellow chest in the Fourth Grade classroom.
    • Sica Dagger of the Faithful - Found inside the yellow chest in the Fourth Grade classroom.


  • In the Cantonese dub, the school is named "聖育強小學" (Jyutping: sing3 juk6 koeng4 siu2 hok6). The name "聖育強" is homophonous to the phrase "性慾強", which translates to having a "sexual desire", and is the namesake of schools in several Hong Kong comedy films such as Fight Back to School film series and Future Cops.[1]


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