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South Park Double Bunny was a fighting game developed by South Park Studios.


Players may choose between Randy Marsh and/or Peter Nelson, dressed up with bunny ears and noses.

Players must fight past several priests, nuns and ninjas, clearing all enemies to progress to the next stage. Each attack on an enemy awards 5 points.

During the game, players may pick up small weapons such as a wooden club that can aid them in battle.


  • Arrow keys - Move
  • I - Punch
  • O - Kick
  • P - Jump


  • Flying Kick - Jump while walking and kick in the air
  • 360 Flying Kick - Jump while standing and kick in the air
  • Elbow Blow - Use it to punch an enemy when he grabs you

When the player kicks an enemy, they may grab hold of the enemy and execute one of three "Grabbing Moves": Facebreaker, Throw, or Piledriver.

As players defeat the enemies, a power bar is filled up. When the power bar is full, the player can execute a special move where all enemies will be cleared in the vicinity. 40 points are awarded for each enemy cleared.