The South Park Docks appeared in the episode "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery" and was the location the KOZY-FM Halloween haunt, which Stan Marsh notes is the gayest thing he'd ever seen since eight months prior when he saw two guys kissing in a park.

The South Park Docks appear again in "Cartman Joins NAMBLA". In this episode, Eric Cartman meets Mr. Garrison at the docks (Cartman did not know it was Mr. Garrison until they met) before Garrison is dragged off by the FBI.

The South Park Docks also appear in "Professor Chaos". In this episode, Butters Stotch , who has just invented his Professor Chaos alter ego, receives an anonymous note instructing him to go to the South Park Docks. There, Butters meets Dougie , who expresses interest in joining him in his conquest of destruction, citing that he is also an outcast. Butters then gives Dougie the identity of General Disarray.


The hard rock band Korn comes to South Park to play a Halloween concert. The Docks appear to be haunted by "Pirate Ghosts" until the mystery is solved by the band, revealing it was Priest Maxi trying to scare people away from celebrating the Halloween festival. Korn plays their latest song, Falling Away from Me, on the docks ending the episode.


The South Park Docks is a boat dock with shops and other Halloween related events on it.

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