South Park Asskicker was a fighting game.


The player must use one of nine playable characters and fight off the other eight in a best-of-three tournament. Upon victory, the character will use a finishing move (known as "Calamity") to behead or obliterate their opponent.

During the tournament, the player will encounter Tweek Tweak as a secret level.


Eric Cartman

  • "Firefart" - Flames fart on the opponent.
  • "Cheesy Poofs" - Throws a bag of Cheesy Poofs.
  • "Sumo Stomper" - Dress up as a sumo wrestler and crushed the opponent.
  • "Stuka Bombing" - Calamity move. Cartman dresses up as Adolf Hitler and summons a WWII aircraft, dropping bombs on the opponent.

Kyle Broflovski

  • "David Star Shuriken" - Throws a shuriken shaped like the Star of David.
  • "Mr. Hankey Whip" - Flings a whip with Mr. Hankey as its head.
  • "Kyle's Pet" - Crushes the opponent with his elephant.
  • "Creepy Chainsaw" - Calamity move. Kyle beheads the opponent with a chainsaw.

Kenny McCormick

  • "Horde of Rats" - Summons a horde of rats.
  • "Lightning Bolt" - Casts a lightning strike on himself, damaging the opponent if standing too close.
  • "Death Comes From Behind" - Summons the grim reaper.
  • "Unfortunate"

Stan Marsh

  • "Vomit" - Throws up on the opponent.
  • "M16" - Fires an M16 rifle.
  • "Guitar Smasher" - Pummels the opponent with an electric guitar.
  • "Spookyfish!" - Beheads the opponent with the Spookyfish.

Butters Stotch

Jerome "Chef" McElroy

  • "Spank" - Lunges a spatula.
  • "Sing With Me"
  • "Darth Chef" - Turns into Darth Chef and swings a saber spatula, damaging the opponent if standing too close.
  • "On Fire" - Pours a can of flammable liquid, then lighting it up on the opponent.

Mrs. Garrison

  • "Purse, Purse, Purse"
  • "Mr. Hat, Help Me!" - Throws Mr. Hat onto the opponent.
  • "Mr. Slave, Save Me!" - Summons Mr. Slave.
  • "Surprise" - Pulls off a mask, revealing to be Lemmiwinks.

Jesus Christ

  • "Resurrection"
  • "Holy Fist"
  • "Slight Healing" - Heals for a small amount of HP.
  • "Santa's Gift" - Summons Santa Claus, crushing on the opponent.


  • "Skull Throw" - Throws a skull.
  • "Black Dogs" - Summons a group of hellish dogs.
  • "Saddamity" - Summons Saddam Hussein.
  • "Satan Britney" - Dresses up as Britney Spears and dances.



The typo found on Chef's grave.

  • The game mechanics and quotes are derived from the Mortal Kombat franchise.
  • There is a typo on Chef's grave where it pronounces it as "Cheff".
  • List of episode references:
    • Cartman's Sumo Stomper move is a reference to his sumo wrestler appearance in "Tweek vs. Craig".
    • Kyle's calamity move is a reference to "Pinkeye".
    • Kenny's lightning bolt is a reference to Kenny being struck by lightning in "Rainforest Shmainforest".
    • Stan's calamity move involves the titular character from "Spookyfish".
    • Satan's calamity move involves a schoolgirl costume, featured in "Hell on Earth 2006".
    • The Darth Chef appeared in "The Return of Chef".
    • As Jesus is executing the Slight Healing move, he will quote "This is the most crucial and serious time... of all history." from "Damien".
    • When Mrs. Garrison summons Mr. Slave, she will call out "You go to hell and you die!", a phrase heard in "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" and "Summer Sucks".

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