The chat room is for South Park Archives contributors to socialize. Applicable global Rules apply to the Discord, in addition to the ones listed below.

Discord Policies

Discord is our newest method of hanging out and socializing with one another. To Join click here! Discord is a chatting service that allows for discussions in multiple channels, avatars, and emoticons.

  • General Rules
    • NOTICE: NO sexual content allowed.
    • NOTICE: User must be 13 years or older, no warnings will be given starting September 1st. Users will be banned without hesitation if polices are not followed.
    • All #Chatroom Policies apply.
    • Please do not share any not-safe-for-work fan art or other media.
    • Please do not repeatedly ask to be in a specific role.
    • Please do not repeatedly ask for a channel topic to be changed.
    • Please do not flame or otherwise insult other users, especially in privileged channels.
    • Please do not join and never say anything; lest you find yourself kicked.
    • Do not share or ask for personal information.
    • Do not share any NSFW content of any kind. This will result in a ban without hesitation.
  • Voice Channel Rules
    • Please do not insult, put down, or otherwise say anything remotely rude about another user.
    • Please do not make weird noises or force others to listen to your rad tunes.
    • Please do not say obscene things.


Roles are groups of users who have privileges to do certain things or access certain channels. Roles are tiered, so each role has access to all the same permissions as the roles before it.

  • Administrators - These users act as moderators and have the power to kick and ban. These users are wiki administrators and bureaucrats.
  • Editors - Edit a lot here? Then this role is for you! With this role, you get special access to a channel dedicated to coordinating edits and other fun things.
  • Regulars - Don't edit a lot, but still hang out and chat with us a lot? Then this role is for you. This role gets access to The Lounge channel.
  • Princess - You're a pretty princess, yes you are!
  • Peasants - Everybody needs a starting point, and this is where you begin. You're automatically put in this role after verifying your account.
  • I'm In Time Out - I don't know what you did, but you're in trouble! Even less access for you!


  • SoDoSoPa - This is the first channel you'll be in. Everyone has access to this channel.
  • The Lounge - This channel is for Regulars and above. 
  • Editing Help - Need some quick tips on an edit? This is the channel for you. Everyone has access to this channel.
  • South Park - This channel is for discussing the show, its games, or anything related to South Park. Chat parties are generally hosted in here and can be a lot of fun! Everyone has access to this channel.
  • Video Games - When it comes to The Stick of Truth or The Fractured but Whole, anything goes in this channel! Everyone has access to this channel.
  • Awesome-O 4000 - Feel like spamming fun bot commands? Do that in here! Unverified users will not have access to this channel until they are verified.

Chatroom Policies

Chat moderators may enforce the following policies. They may also enforce their own policies at their own discretion.

  • Please avoid inflammatory topics, such a religion, politics, and personal beliefs.
  • Please avoid excessive use of emoticons, capital letters, ASCII artwork, and roleplay.
  • Please avoid using harsh language in the chat room.
  • Please avoid using the South Park Archives chat to discuss topics pertaining to other wikis.
  • Please leave the moderating to the chat moderators.


  • Bans are at the full discretion of the chat moderators.
  • Chat moderators may specify the reason and duration for each and every ban, either on the user rights log or the user's message wall.


If you feel your chat ban was unjust, please contact the moderator who banned you on their message wall. Your message must be polite and detailed for your request to be considered. Unbanning a user is at the discretion of the moderator, and if denied, do not contact the moderator for any reason. For short duration bans, it is generally expected that the user wait out the ban.

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