The tabbed infobox project introduces new tabs in character and certain merchandise infoboxes. This allows for multiple images to be displayed on infoboxes (e.g. On Kenny's page, Mysterion).


Role Users Completed Code
Main Characters HighJewElfKing Icon check
Major Characters Jamesb1 Icon check
Significant Characters HighJewElfKing Icon check
1-3rd Graders Jamesb1 Icon check
4th Graders HighJewElfKing
Kindergartners PissCoveredOcelot
Burch Family Jamesb1
Marsh & Broflovski Family HighJewElfKing
School Staff HighJewElfKing & Jamesb1
4th Graders HighJewElfKing
5th-9th Graders Jamesb1
Aliens & Monsters PissCoveredOcelot
Alter Egos HighJewElfKing
Unnamed Characters HighJewElfKing
Celebrities (Music and Political & Historical) HighJewElfKing
Celebrities (Internet , Fictional) Jamesb1
Celebrities (Sports and Religious) PissCoveredOcelot
Internet Trolls, Raisins Girls, Paris Hilton's Pets Jamesb1
Groups Jamesb1
Animals Jamesb1
Groups/ Cliques Jamesb1


Note about Other Characters' Families: HJEK: Barbrady to Mackey Jamesb1: Mephesto to Valmer (Also gets Burch)
Role Users Completed Code
Main Character Families HighJewElfKing
Other Characters' Families HighJewElfKing & Jamesb1
Possible Families HighJewElfKing

How To

{{South Park character
|name       = {{PAGENAME}}
|image      = <gallery>
KyleOriginal.jpg|Spirit of Christmas
Kyle-nohat.transparent.png|No Hat
|aliases    = Brad ("[[Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy]]")<br>[[Kyle Broflovski#Superhero Alter-Ego|The Human Kite]]<br>Uncle Kyle ("[[Wieners Out]]")
|gender     = Male
|hair       = Red
|birthday   = May 26<ref>Kyle's birthday is seen on his monitor while playing Farmville in "[[You Have 0 Friends]]".</ref>
|age        = 10
|job = Student
|grade = [[The 4th Grade|4th Grade]]
|religion   = Judaism<br />'''Temporary''': [[Blaintology|Blaintologist]], Roman Catholic, Atheist
|voice      = [[Matt Stone]]<ref>{{cite web|url=|title="South Park" Cartman Gets an Anal Probe (TV episode 1997)|}}</ref>
|appearance = ''[[The Spirit of Christmas#Jesus vs. Frosty|The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Frosty]]''<br>"[[Cartman Gets an Anal Probe]]"
|relation1 = Father
|relation2 = Mother
|relation3 = Adopted Brother
|relation4 = Grandmother
|relation5 = Uncle
|relation6 = Cousin
|relativename1 = [[Gerald Broflovski]]
|relativename2 = [[Sheila Broflovski]]
|relativename3 = [[Ike Broflovski]]
|relativename4 = [[Cleo Broflovski]]
|relativename5 = [[Murrey Broflovski]]
|relativename6 = [[Kyle Schwartz]]


Change the image section on the infobox with <gallery> , then list the images and be sure to close the gallery by using </gallery>

Try to aim for a minimum of 3 tabs on a infobox and a maximum of 5-6.


Applying to a page


Applying to page, on the left, place the image name, on the right the name for the image (anything placed on the right shows up on the infobox)

The end result should look something like this


Kenny's Tabbed Infobox

Photo Guidelines

  • Try to use transparent images whenever possible, if not use the best high-quality image available.
  • Tabs with "SPS Image" should use the characters official image from South Park Studios.
  • Tabs with "Earlier Seasons/ (Season #)" should contain images from any season before Season Ten.

DVD/Blu-Ray Cover Infoboxes

NOTE: This portion of the project has NOT been finalized, DO NOT start on this portion! Coming Soon

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