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New Press Release
(Usually on Sunday nights.)
Task Description User(s)
Episode Blog Posts Create a nice blog post for the press release and after the episode airs. HighJewElfKing
Discussion Announcement Announce the episode on discussions, do something to get everybody excited and remember to link the blog post. Jamesb1
On This Day Add this episode to Template:On This Day Jamesb1
Slider Image Modify the slider image on the main page. HighJewElfKing
Main Page Countdown Modify the countdown timer on the main page. HighJewElfKing
Mobile Main Page Update the mobile main page with the new episode. HighJewElfKing
Making Episode Pages Make the episode/trivia/image/script pages. HighJewElfKing
Episode Templates Create and modify the appropriate templates for the episode. Jamesb1
Episode Synopsis From South Park Studios, set the episode's synopsis. HighJewElfKing
List of Episodes Page Need an entry under List of Episodes/ABC PissCoveredOcelot, Technical58CZ
Season Page Add the promo image and synopsis to the season page. Jamesb1
Media Portals Add to the media portal galleries. Jamesb1
Episodical Icons Add the episode's icon. Jackstanbrah / Cryptar
Latest Episode Redirect Point the redirect to the new episode page. HighJewElfKing
Promo Add the Promo video to the Image pages/blog post (Usually appears on Monday) Jamesb1
After an Episode Airs
(Wednesday nights thru Tuesday.)
Task Description User(s)
New Location Pages Create new pages for all the new locations that appear. HighJewElfKing
New Character Pages Create new pages for all the new characters that appear. PissCoveredOcelot / Cryptar
New Song Pages Create new pages for songs featured in the episode. HighJewElfKing
New Misc Pages Create pages for objects, items, tv channels, and anything else. Jackstanbrah / Cryptar
Character Prominence Find all the characters in the episode and add an entry to their prominence section. PissCoveredOcelot, Technical58CZ
Episode Plot Write up an episode plot on the episode's page.


Episode Trivia Find, moderate, and discuss new trivia. Icon check (Everyone)
Episode Images In accordance with the upload policies, upload an episode image gallery. HighJewElfKing
Episode Script Add a formatted script to the episode's script page. Jackstanbrah / Technical58CZ
Critical Reception Gather and format ratings from AV Club and IGN for episodes in S20+. HighJewElfKing
Main Page Countdown Reset the countdown timer on the main page. (Thursday) HighJewElfKing
Videos Add the videos released by South Park Studios to the Image pages (S19+) Jamesb1
Task Description User(s)
Featured Article Write a blog post for the featured episode of the month. HighJewElfKing
News Template Add an entry to the news template at the start and end of a season. HighJewElfKing
Behind The Scenes/ Special Content Add BTS and any other special content released by SPS to the episode image page. Jackstanbrah

Editor Roles

If you're an active editor and you're interested in helping out with specific tasks each week during the season please contact HighJewElfKing or Jamesb1