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This project is to expand and add interactions pages for major characters listed below.

Please add your name to the below if a page interests you. If you're an editor and interested in helping, please speak with HighJewElfKing or SilasGreaves12. Good luck!

Early/ Mid May Completion If you have any questions about how to do a step, please speak with SilasGreaves12. Documentation/Instructions is provided on Discord.

External Communication[]

  • Discord: #interactions-proj
  • Slack: #interactions-proj
  • Sign up starts Sunday, April 25th, 2021.
  • Put {{Yes}} under your name when completed

Sign-Up List[]

Participants: HighJewElfKing, Applebaby12, HerbiMetal, SkyRider747, JohnVMaster
Season Sign-Up Status
Kyle Broflovski HighJewElfKing
Eric Cartman -
Kyle and Ike (New Page Creation) AppleBaby12
Cartman and Kyle (New Page Creation) -
Kenny McCormick SkyRider747
Stan Marsh HerbiMetal
Kyle and Stan (New Page Creation) [[User:]]
Stan and Wendy (New Page Creation) JohnVMaster
Cartman and Butters (New Page Creation) [[User:]]
Stan and Randy (New Page Creation) [[User:]]
Butters Stotch [[User:]]
Randy Marsh JohnVMaster
Herbert Garrison [[User:]]
FILL IN [[User:]]