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The goal of this project is to ensure South Park Archives is the best place to find information for South Park: Snow Day!. It will take the help of our entire community to ensure we can update the wiki following the game’s release. For more information you can see the blog post "How SPA is preparing for Snow Day". Interested users can put their name down, or team up with another editor on the various aspects of the game we will be covering at the bottom of the page.

What We’re Covering[]

  • Missions/Quests
  • Images (Quest specific images and general game images)
  • Scripts (Missions, general game dialogue)
  • DLC
  • Collectors Edition
  • Achievements
  • Playable Characters
  • Characters that appear /Character Prominence
  • Factions/Teams/Groups
  • List of Minor Episode References in South Park: Snow Day!
  • Game Locations
  • Weapons
  • Powers + Bullshit Powers
  • Upgrade Cards
  • Perks
  • Costumes

This is not a comprehensive list and we will update this and the sign up sheet as we find more information that needs to be covered. Remember editors DO NOT need to sign up to edit Snow Day content, but they are encouraged to as it helps keep us more organized.

New? Remember 3 Things[]

Do NOT ask in the South Park Studios Discord. All editor collaboration should be done in the SPA Discord or on the Wiki Forum Pages / Message Walls. Our total of TWO person admin team is here to help you!

Sign Up Sheet[]

Item Sign-Up Status
Images (Quest specific images and general game images) Rocky6rocky Icon check
DLC Rocky6rocky
Achievements SkyRider747 & Rocky6rocky Icon check
Scripts SkyRider747
Prominence SkyRider747 Icon check
Navboxes SkyRider747 Icon check
Cards SkyRider747
Perks SkyRider747 & Rocky6rocky
Playable Characters JazieCult Icon check
Characters that appear / Character Prominence JazieCult
Weapons and Powers Rocky6rocky Icon check
Costumes Rocky6rocky & Astro025 Icon check