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The aim of this project is to complete the Extras subpages for all South Park episodes, including South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

ETA: December 2022


  1. Create a page via Special:WantedPages or use the "CreatePage" feature at the wiki's top navigation. Title the new page in the format of "Episode name/Extras".
  2. Format the page as shown in the Formatting section. List down all characters, locations, costumes, songs etc. that are featured in the episode. You may use Credigree Weed St. Patrick's Day Special/Extras as a sample.
  3. Visit the individual pages and verify that the episode is documented in their Prominence section (except those with one-off appearances).

It is recommended to have access to full episodes to help you with this project. Don't worry if you are unable to access these contents; you may refer to the episodes' scripts, episode and/or character gallery subpages as an alternative.


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Each header shall adopt a gallery for their own listings. The HTML tag for the gallery is <gallery widths="140" hideaddbutton="true" bordersize="none" captionalign="center" bordercolor="transparent">. Remember to end the tag with </gallery>.

  1. Behind the Scenes (production artwork, concept art etc.)
  2. Prominent Characters
  3. Speaking Characters (Characters with at least one line throughout the episode.)
  4. Background Characters
  5. Characters Debut (if any)
  6. Costumes Debut (if any)
  7. Body Count (if any)
  8. Locations
  9. Songs (if any)



XX denotes the season number, and YY denotes the episode number (use production code as reference).


Adding categories are not required, as they will be transcluded from the templates.


Input your name under the Sign-Up column for the seasons which you would like to help out in. Input {{Yes}} under the Status column when all pages for the season are completed.

Overall progress: 259/331 (78.2%)
Season Sign-Up Progress Status
Season Ten SkyRider747 6/14
Season Eleven SkyRider747 14/14 Icon check
Season Twelve SkyRider747 14/14 Icon check
Season Thirteen SkyRider747 14/14 Icon check
Season Fourteen SkyRider747 2/14
Season Fifteen SkyRider747 6/14
Season Sixteen SkyRider747 5/14
Season Seventeen SkyRider747 6/10
Season Eighteen SkyRider747 1/10
Season Nineteen Anonymous2210 1/10
Season Twenty Anonymous2210 9/10
Season Twenty-One Anonymous2210 3/10
Season Twenty-Two Anonymous2210 10/10 Icon check
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut 0/1